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strictfp keyword in java

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 11 Dec, 2022
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strictfp is a modifier that stands for strict floating-point which was not introduced in the base version of java as it was introduced in Java version 1.2. It is used in java for restricting floating-point calculations and ensuring the same result on every platform while performing operations in the floating-point variable. 
Floating-point calculations are platform-dependent i.e. different output(floating-point values) is achieved when a class file is run on different platforms(16/32/64 bit processors). To solve this type of issue, strictfp keyword was introduced in JDK 1.2 version by following IEEE 754 standards for floating-point calculations. 

Note: strictfp modifier is used with classes, interfaces, and methods only but is not applicable to apply with variables as illustrated below:

Illustration 1: Keyword usage with classes 

strictfp class Test {
    // All concrete methods here are implicitly strictfp.    

Illustration 2: Keyword usage with Interfaces 

strictfp interface Test {
    // All  methods here becomes implicitly 
    // strictfp when used during inheritance.    

class Car {
    // strictfp applied on a concrete method 
    strictfp void calculateSpeed(){}

Illustration 3: Keyword usage with variables

strictfp interface Test {
    double sum();
    // Compile-time error here
    strictfp double mul(); 

Some conclusions can be drawn from the above illustrations as follows:

  • When a class or an interface is declared with strictfp modifier, then all methods declared in the class/interface, and all nested types declared in the class, are implicitly strictfp.
  • strictfp cannot be used with abstract methods. However, it can be used with abstract classes/interfaces.
  • Since methods of an interface are implicitly abstract, strictfp cannot be used with any method inside an interface.
  • From Java 17 version, strictfp keyword is NOT required explicitly as all floating point expressions are strictly evaluated



// Java program to illustrate strictfp modifier
// Usage in Classes
// Main class
class GFG {
    // Method 1
    // Calculating sum using strictfp modifier
    public strictfp double sum()
        double num1 = 10e+10;
        double num2 = 6e+08;
        // Returning the sum
        return (num1 + num2);
    // Method 2
    // Main driver method
    public static void main(String[] args)
        // Creating object of class in main() method
        GFG t = new GFG();
        // Here we have error of putting strictfp and
        // error is not found public static void main method


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