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Sprinklr Interview Experience for Internship (On-Campus) 2022

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 05 Sep, 2022
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Round 1: Coding Round (2 hrs): The first round was an online coding round that consisted of 3 questions :

  • It was a very basic question on prefix sum.
  • There are a total of n tasks, labeled from 0 to n-1. Some tasks may have prerequisites, for example, to pick task 0 you have to first pick task 1, which is expressed as a pair : [0, 1]
    Given the total number of tasks and a list of prerequisite pairs, and a list of courses that are mandatory to be done. Tell the minimum number of courses you would have to do to complete the list of mandatory courses, or print -1 if it is not possible to complete them.
  • You’re given a tree and you’ve to assign every vertex a prime number less than 100 such that the sum of any two adjacent vertices is not a prime. Find the number of possible ways you can assign a value to the vertex of the graph.

Students who were able to score more than 120 (partial marking was also there) were selected for interviews in Sprinklr. 19 students were selected after the coding round from our college and I was one of them.

Round 2: Technical Round 1 (1 hr): The first interview round was an online technical round.

  • The interviewer was young and friendly and he asked me to introduce myself. Then after the introduction, he asked me to explain one of my projects to him (of my choice). Based on my project he started asking me questions.
  • After the project discussion was over, he moved on to ask me some basic OOPS concepts and how we implement those.
  • Give a real-world example of Abstraction and Encapsulation.
  • Later he moved on to some basic concepts of Computer Architecture and asked me about MESI protocol and Pipelining, I explained all of that to the interviewer.
  • Now after all the verbal questions he asked me to implement the binary search function, I quickly implemented that and explained it to him with which he seemed to be satisfied.
  • At last, he asked me if I had any questions for him and I asked him about what Interns work on in Sprinklr.

I was able to clear this round, while a lot of students were eliminated.

Round 3: Technical Round 2 (1 hr): The second interview round was also an online technical round.

  • The interviewer was friendly and he quickly started with 2 coding questions, he shared a google docs link with me which consisted of the questions he wanted to ask.
  • The first question was to find the number of elements less than or equal to x in a sorted array, where x is given as input, I explained the binary search approach to him with which he seemed to be satisfied and then he asked me to code it on the docs. I wrote down the code and then he asked me to show how it would work for some test cases.
  • Then we moved on to the next question, there is a stack and we push the integers from 0 to n in between which we pop certain integer values and store them in a sequence, that was given to us along with the value of n, we have to tell whether the formation of that sequence is possible or not. I quickly explained it to him and wrote the code for my approach. He seemed pretty satisfied.
  • At last, he asked me if I had any questions for him on which I asked him the same question about what Interns work on in Sprinklr.

I cleared this round as well and moved on to the HR Round.

Round 4: HR Round: I joined the link where HR was already in the meeting.

  • She asked me about myself which was not written in my resume,
  • Then she asked me about my strengths and my weakness and how I overcome them, and there was some discussion on it.
  • After that, she asked me about what do I expect from the company, and what is my dream company.
  • Then she gave me a scenario and asked how would I react to that.
  • This round also concluded very well and I asked about the company in the end and about its working.

After all these rounds the results were out and Sprinklr hired 6 students, and I was lucky to be in those 6, overall experience was very good.

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