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Sprinklr Internship Interview Experience for Product Engineer

  • Difficulty Level : Expert
  • Last Updated : 17 Aug, 2021

Sprinklr came to our college on Day1 (August 2021) for a Product Engineer Internship.

Round 1(Coding Round): It comprises of 3 coding Questions on HackerRank

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  • One question was based on checking the given Graph is bipartite or not. The main catch was to figure out that it is a bipartite problem.
  • In one question, you have to tell whether you can reach (x,y) from (0,0) given you can follow a specific sequence (For e.g., “LRUD” means the user can move in above order only left, Right, Up, Down, and so on).
  • I can’t remember 3rd Question (The easiest one)

46 people Qualified for Round 2 out of 400 people who gave coding round. I solved 2.5 out of 3. Maybe the cutoff was in the range of 2-2.2 Questions

Round 2(Technical Interview- 40 mins): The interview introduced himself then asked me to give an introduction. Then we talked about common interests.

  • Some Theoretical Question on ML (I wasn’t prepared for this since Sprinklr was SAAS Company).
  • Asked about my projects and with some follow-up questions
  • Asked me to code Longest common substring on google docs.
  • A couple has two children, one of the children is a boy. What is the probability that the other child is also a boy?
  • A couple of more probability questions as extensions of the above problem.
  • Count the number of connected components in an undirected graph (with code on google doc).
  • Given a string, Find the maximum length of substring s.t. it contains unique characters. (Can be solved using a map).
  • Asked me that I have any Questions?

26 out of 46 moved to the next round.

Round 3(Technical Interview – 50 mins): It started with an Introduction from both sides.

  • Asked Question on OS, Since OS course was not covered in my college at the moment. I told him, and he moved to the next question without any negative impact.
  • Design an LRU Cache (with code). Discussed multiple methods and their pros and cons based on Order of cache Size and Time Complexity.
  • Followed by another Coding Question.
    • You are given a string ???? consisting of the characters 0, 1, and ?.
    • Let’s call a string unstable if it consists of the characters 0 and 1 and any two adjacent characters are different (i.e., it has the form 010101… or 101010…).
    • Let’s call a string beautiful if it consists of the characters 0, 1, and ?, and you can replace the characters? To 0 or 1 (for each character, the choice is independent), so the string becomes unstable.
    • For example, the strings 0??10, 0, and ??? are beautiful, and the strings 00 and ?1??1 are not. Calculate the number of beautiful contiguous substrings of the string ????.
    • I gave him 3 approaches with more efficient time on each approach.

16 People moved to Round4 out of 26:

Round 4(HR Round – 25 mins):

  • Asked About myself, My skills, Strengths, About Recent Incidents based on many situations.
  • Why Sprinklr? , What does Sprinklr do? , Why not any other Company? (She said some big MNCs names)  and tons of HR Questions.

8 people got internships in the end.

Verdict – Selected


  • Prepare everything whatever you wrote on your CV. and prepare some follow-up questions yourself.
  • Practice Coding as much as you can. You won’t get shortlisted if you can’t perform well in Coding Round. Go through some standard Algos
  • Think of interviewers as your colleague (If you got selected) so discuss with them and ask questions.
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