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SBI Clerk Salary 2023 : Pay Scale, Salary Slip & Job Profile

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As the examination is coming near, candidates must be looking for the details of the SBI Clerk Salary, as it is an important criteria for them to choose such a job. The State Bank of India issues the notification on an annual basis, inviting qualified banking aspirants to apply for the position of Junior Associate, or clerk. The truth regarding the SBI Clerk salary would not only allay candidates’ concerns, but it will also give them more motivation to study for the exam.

This article outlines the details of the SBI Clerk salary, including the in-hand salary, associated perks, and allowances, as well as the responsibilities of a Junior Associate or Clerk, as per updates in the official notification.

SBI Clerk Salary 2023: Overview

The exam is held by the SBI annually in an all India manner and in English as well as Hindi languages. This table provides an overview of the SBI Clerk Salary 2023 and the required details:


State Bank of India

Exam Name

SBI Clerk Exam 2023


Junior Associates or Clerk


Not Yet Announced


Bank Jobs

Selection Process

Prelims, Mains

Application Mode


Job Location

All India

Language Of Exam

English and Hindi

Official Website

SBI Clerk Salary Structure 2023

In the SBI clerk salary structure and their respective details, it is important to note that DA fluctuates based on the inflation rate that is there in the country and HRA varies according to the location of the candidate’s job. The table given below provides information on the SBI clerk salary structure 2023:

Salary Structure


Basic Pay

INR 19,900

Dearness Allowance

INR 6,352 (26%) as per 2021 updates

Transport Allowance

INR 600

House Rent Allowance

INR 2,091

Special Allowance

INR 3,263

Gross Salary

INR 32,088

SBI Clerk In-Hand Salary

The SBI Clerk in-hand salary will comprise the estimated amount a candidate receives after deductions. The beginning salary of SBI Clerk is between INR 26,000 and INR 29,000/-. The location of posting, which varies between urban and rural areas, determines this quantity with higher amounts for those appointed or posted in metro cities like Mumbai.

SBI Clerk Salary Increments with Pay Scale

The position offers not only a competitive SBI Clerk salary but also significant growth opportunities, attracting a large number of candidates to apply for the exam. The initial basic pay for an SBI Clerk is INR 19,900, inclusive of two advance increments for newly appointed Junior Associates. The table below outlines the increments in the salary of SBI Clerk posts along with the corresponding pay scale.


SBI Clerk Salary

Basic Junior Associate Salary

INR 13,075/-

After 1st Increment

INR 13,730/-

After 2nd Increment

INR 16,175/-

After 3rd Increment

INR 20,095/-

After 4th Increment

INR 28,110/-

After 5th Increment

INR 30,230/-

After 6th Increment

INR 31,450/-

SBI Clerk Salary Deductions

The salary of all candidates undergoes deductions based on certain protocols. The deductions in the SBI Clerk salary typically include the:

  • Professional Tax
  • Pension Fund

SBI Clerk Pay Scale

According to the latest notification, the revised SBI Clerk pay scale is as follows: INR 17,900-1,000/3-20,900-1,230/3-24,590-1,490/4-30,550-1,730/7-42,600-3,270/1-45,930-1,990/1-47,920. The starting basic pay is INR 19,900/- (INR 17,900/- plus two advance increments that are admissible to graduates).

In addition to the basic pay, the SBI Clerk salary comprises various components. It’s important to note that other factors contribute to the in-hand salary apart from the basic pay. SBI gives a very attractive salary package to the employees. Previously, the SBI Clerk pay scale was INR 11,765-655/3-13,730-815/3-16,175-980/4-20,095-1,145/7-28,110-2,120/1-30,230-1,310/1-31,450.

SBI Clerk Salary Slip

As previously detailed, we have furnished a comprehensive breakdown of the SBI Clerk salary, accounting for all deductions and allowances. Now, we provide you with an actual SBI Clerk salary slip for a clearer understanding. This will serve as an important tool to inspire you for your preparations, recognizing the promising prospects for your career.

SBI Clerk Probation Period

Upon appointment to the role of SBI Clerk, candidates undergo a probationary period lasting for 6 months. During this probationary phase, candidates are required to complete designated e-lessons as specified by the bank.

After the 6-month probationary period concludes, an evaluation of the candidates’ performance takes place. Those who do not meet the bank’s expectations will be mandated to re-complete the training and lessons. The SBI Clerk’s responsibilities are important, requiring careful attention and diligent work.

SBI Clerk Perks and Allowances

The compensation and benefits for Junior Associates at the State Bank of India (SBI) may vary depending on their posting location. They are eligible for reimbursement of several benefits and entitlements including provident fund, pension under the New Pension Scheme, medical benefits, leave-fare, and other amenities. These provisions and reimbursements are provided as per the Bank’s guidelines.

Conveyance Allowance

Here are the monthly reimbursement details for conveyance allowances for candidates appointed to the position of junior associate:

Employee Category

Maintaining Two or Four Wheelers (Petrol given in Litres)

Not Maintaining Vehicles (Amount given in Rupees)

Entertainment Expenses (Amount given in Rupees)

Chief Associate (Working as the Cash-in-charge)




Chief Associate




Special Associate




Senior Associate




Associates/Junior Associates




Provision of Newspapers

Monthly provision amounts for the provision of newspapers based on the category of staff are as follows:

Staff Category

Rupees Per Month

Chief Associate


Special Associates working as Cash-in-charge/Locker-in-charge /ATM/Members of outbound sales force


Other Chief Associates/ Senior Associates / Special Associates /Associates/Junior Associates


Subordinate Staff


Medical Facilities

SBI Clerk positions offer various medical benefits, including:

  • Annual Medical Aid
  • Improved Medical Aid (Specified Serious Disease)
  • Hospitalisation Scheme
  • Additional Medical Benefits like vaccinations

These healthcare benefits aim to support the well-being of SBI Clerks.

SBI Clerk Starting Salary for Metro Cities

The starting SBI Clerk salary in metro cities, such as Mumbai, varies due to location-based allowances and other factors. As a result, the total starting emoluments for a Clerical Cadre employee in Mumbai will be approximately INR 29,000/- per month. This amount is inclusive of Dearness Allowance (D.A.), various other allowances at the prevailing rate, as well as two additional increments for the newly recruited graduate junior associates.

In addition to the base SBI Clerk salary, they are eligible for reimbursement of many perquisites, provident fund, pension under the New Pension Scheme, medical benefits, leave-fare, and other facilities, by the bank’s instructions issued timely.

SBI Clerk Job Profile

The role of a Clerk in a bank, particularly in the State Bank of India (SBI), is integral and includes very important responsibilities in the banking sector. SBI Clerk job profile involves handling various significant tasks related to customer accounts and addressing their concerns and issues. Junior Associates or Clerks at SBI perform a range of functions, including:

1. Single Window Operator (SWO) Functions:

Handling day-to-day bank activities such as account openings, facilitating transfers via cheque/NEFT/RTGS, issuing Demand Drafts (DD), managing cheque clearances, processing chequebook requests, receiving inward emails, and more.

2. Head Cashier Functions:

At times, SBI Clerks also serve as Cashiers within specific branches. This role includes managing cash transactions for the branch, overseeing clearance and transfer of cheques, and related responsibilities.

3. Special Assistants or Universal Tellers:

SBI Junior Associates may be assigned to function as special assistants or universal tellers, providing comprehensive banking assistance.

4. Customer Service and Issue Resolution:

Addressing customer concerns and complaints, striving to resolve them efficiently and effectively to ensure customer satisfaction.

SBI Clerk Career Growth and Promotion

The State Bank of India offers remarkable career progression prospects to its employees, ensuring substantial growth in their professional journey. Candidates commencing their career at a young age within SBI possess the potential to rise to the esteemed position of General Manager. The promotions for SBI Clerks predominantly take place through two primary avenues:

In-Cadre Promotion

In-cadre promotions offer employees the chance to advance within their existing cadre or position, contingent upon their performance, experience, and meeting specific eligibility criteria.

Special Allowance: In addition to the total SBI Clerk salary, employees receive a special allowance of 1800 rupees per month, not factored into the basic pay calculation.

Promotion Milestones:

  • After 10 years of service, an Associate is promoted to the position of Senior Associate.
  • After 20 years of service, an Associate advances to the role of Special Associate, accompanied by a special allowance of 2500 rupees per month.
  • Upon completing 30 years of service, an Associate attains the position of Chief Associate, accompanied by a special allowance of 3500 rupees per month, factored into the basic pay calculation.

Promotion to the Officer Cadre

Advancement to the Officer level is possible after completing three years of service as an Associate. Candidates aspiring for this progression must clear the JAIIB (Junior Associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers) and CAIIB (Certified Associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers) examinations, administered by the Indian Institute of Banking & Finance.

Promotion Process:

  • Qualification in the JAIIB and CAIIB exams is a requirement.
  • Successful candidates also have to pass an internal written test and then the interview.
  • After clearing the written test, candidates have to undergo a 2-year probation period.
  • After the probation is completed, candidates go for the interview, and those who are successful are given a promotion to the Middle Management grade (Scale-2).

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FAQs on SBI Clerk Salary

What is the SBI Clerk salary?

SBI Clerks begin with a salary of INR 19,900 a year. The new SBI Clerk salary range is INR 17900-1000/3-20900-1230/3-24590-1490/4-30550-1730/7-42600-3270/1-45930-1990/1-47920. Candidates can use this formula to determine the IBPS Clerk pay. Minimum Salary Renter’s Assistance Dearness Allowance plus City Compensation plus Contributions to the Pension and Provident Fund.

What is the starting basic pay under the revised SBI Clerk salary structure?

The revised salary structure offers a starting basic pay of INR 19,900/- (initially INR 17,900/- with two advance increments).

What is the difference between CTC and SBI Clerk in-hand salary?

In-hand SBI Clerk salary is the amount received monthly after deductions, while CTC includes all benefits and allowances.

What are the standard working hours for an SBI Clerk?

Typically, the working hours for clerical cadre positions at SBI are from 10 am to 5 pm. However, based on workload and requirements, clerks may be required to work beyond these hours.

What is the estimated SBI Clerk in-hand salary post the recent salary revision?

The revised in-hand SBI Clerk Salary ranges from INR 26,000/- to INR 29,000/-, contingent upon the posting location.

What is the SBI Clerk salary after 5 years?

After five years, the SBI Clerk earns INR 26080. The SBI Clerk salary is subject to annual raises in accordance with State Bank of India guidelines.

What benefits do Clerks receive in addition to their SBI Clerk salary?

SBI Clerks receive benefits such as Provident Fund, Pension under the New Pension Scheme, Medical benefits, Leave-Fare, and other amenities.

How does the SBI Clerk salary increment over time?

The salary increments for SBI Clerks occur in stages, with a gradual increase up to INR 31,450/-.

What deductions are made from the SBI Clerk salary?

Deductions from the SBI Clerk’s salary include Professional Tax and Pension Fund.

Last Updated : 25 Sep, 2023
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