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Role of Agriculture in Indian Economy

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  • Last Updated : 03 Jun, 2022
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Agriculture is the foundation of the Indian economy. Indian ranchers are best in class in efficiency, in spite of the fact that there are a great many little and medium-scale ranchers. Agrarian financial matters are an applied area managing the creation and dissemination of food and fiber items from the use of monetary hypothesis.

India has put forth incredible attempts to become independent in food creation and in this work India has driven the Green Revolution. The Green Revolution appeared to move along with agriculture in India. The administrations delivered by the Green Revolution in the rural area of the Indian economy are as per the following:

  • Procurement of more land for the end goal of cultivating.
  • Extension of water system offices.
  • Further developed utilization of seeds and further developed utilization of high yielding assortments.
  • Worked on rural exploration and Implementing strategies.
  • Water the board.
  • Plan preservation exercises using composts, pesticides, and harvests.

Significance of Agriculture in the Indian Economy

 The significance of the horticulture area in the Indian economy is given underneath

  • Horticulture is one of the central parts of the economy and it is the foundation of the country.
  • This is the fundamental movement of the country.
  • It gives work amazing open doors to provincial agrarian and non-horticultural workers.
  • It likewise assumes a significant part in worldwide exchange import and product exercises.

Agriculture is key in all economies no matter what their degree of advancement. It meets a portion of the basic human needs by giving food and non-food needs. It gives;

  • Food things like Rice, Wheat, Coarse Grains, and Pulses,
  • Business crops like Oilseeds, Cotton, and Sugarcane,
  • Establishing crops like Tea and Coffee, and
  • Plant crops like organic products, vegetables, blossoms, flavors, cashews, and coconut. Moreover, some related exercises like milk and dairy items, poultry items, and fisheries are remembered for the agricultural area. A large portion of the created and industrialized nations got the underlying impulse for industrial advancement from farming.

Role of horticulture in the Indian economy

Share in public pay From the absolute starting point, farming has been contributing a huge offer to our public income. Agriculture and partnered exercises contributed around 59% to the all-out public pay. Albeit the offer of agriculture is step by step declining with the improvement of different areas, this offer is still much higher than that of the created nations of the world. 

Horticulture assumes a significant part in work creation

Somewhere around 66% of the functioning populace in India makes money through farming exercises. Other sectors in India have neglected to set out greater business open doors because of the developing working population. More than 66% of our functioning populace in India is straightforwardly associated with farming and also relies upon it for their business.

Supply of unrefined substances to agro-based ventures

Horticulture in India has been a significant cause of the supply of unrefined components to different significant ventures in our country. The Cotton and Jute Textile, Sugar, Vegetable, Edible Oil Plantation Industries (like Tea, Coffee, Rubber) and agro-based cabin ventures are additionally consistently gathering their unrefined components directly from agribusiness.

Source of Government Revenue

Agribusiness is a significant wellspring of income for the Central and State Governments of the country. The government is getting a ton of income from the expansion in land income. A few different areas like railways and streets are additionally acquiring a decent piece of their pay from the development of agricultural goods.

Role of agribusiness in monetary preparation 

The arranging potential in India additionally relies upon the horticultural area. A decent gather generally stimulates the nation’s arranged monetary development by establishing a superior business climate for transportation systems, producing enterprises, homegrown exchange, etc. A decent gather additionally gives the government huge amounts of cash to cover its arranged costs.

A Wellspring of food security for a developing populace

Farming is the main significant wellspring of food supply as it is giving customary food to such a large population of our country. It is assessed that around 60% of homegrown utilization comes from agricultural items. Because of high populace pressure, work overflow economies like India, and rapid increase in food interest, food creation is expanding quickly. The ongoing degree of food utilization in these nations is extremely low and a slight expansion in personal income prompts a fast expansion in food interest (as such one might say that the interest for food in emerging nations There is a ton of adaptability. In this way, except if farming can enhance the surplus of groceries on the lookout, an emergency will undoubtedly emerge. Many non-industrial nations are going through this stage and farming has been created to meet the developing food needs. 

Role of Agriculture for Industrial Development 

Around half of the pay created in the assembling area in India comes from every one of these agro-based industries. Moreover, horticulture can give a market to modern items as an expansion in the level of rural pay can prompt the extension of the market for modern items.
Importance in International Trade – For some years, India’s three rural products – Cotton, Jute, and Tea – represented over half of the nation’s commodity income.

Business Importance

Indian Agriculture is assuming a vital part both in the inner and outer exchange of the country. Farming items like tea, espresso, sugar, tobacco, flavours, cashew nuts and so on are the fundamental things of our commodities and comprise around 50% of our all-out trades. Other than produced jute, cotton materials and sugar likewise offer another 20% of the complete products of the country. Consequently, almost 70% of India’s commodities are begun from the agrarian areas. Further, horticulture is helping the nation in acquiring valuable unfamiliar trade to meet the necessary import bill of the country.

Role of Agriculture in Economic Planning

The possibility of arranging in India additionally relies much upon the rural areas. A decent yield generally gives driving force towards an arranged financial improvement of the nation by establishing a superior business environment for the vehicle framework, producing ventures, inside exchange and so on.

A decent harvest additionally carries a lot of money to the Government for meeting its arranged consumption. Likewise, an awful harvest leads to an all-out melancholy in the business of the country, which at last lead to a disappointment in monetary preparation. Consequently, the rural area is assuming a vital part in a nation like India the flourishing of the Indian economy still to a great extent relies upon the farming areas. Along these lines from the prior investigation, it is seen that farming advancement is the fundamental precondition of sectoral expansion and improvement of the economy.

Sample Questions

Question 1: What is horticultural promoting?


 Horticultural promoting is one of the advertising strategies where the farming items are disseminated with the assistance of a distributor or retailer so it arrives at the end-clients.

Question 2: For what reason is horticultural broadening fundamental for supportable jobs?


The horticultural broadening suggests enhancement of yield creation and moving of rural labor force to other partnered exercises like animals, poultry, fisheries, and so forth and non-agribusiness area. The shift from the yield cultivating to non-ranch business is fundamental to raise pay and to investigate elective roads of reasonable occupation. 

Question 3: How does food creation influence the economy?


Food creation gives a steady wellspring of work, assumes a significant part in nearby economies, adds to development in the food framework, answers expanded interest for trades, adds to food reasonableness, addresses buyer interest.

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