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Reverse Statement Word by Word in SQL server

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  • Last Updated : 01 Oct, 2020

To reverse any statement Word by Word in SQL server we could use the SUBSTRING function which allows us to extract and display the part of a string.

Pre-requisite :SUBSTRING function

Approach :

  • Declared three variables (@Input, @Output, @Length) using the DECLARE statement.
  • Use the WHILE Loop to iterate every character present in the @Input. For the condition inside the SQL Server while loop, use the SQL LEN Function to check whether the length of the Input is greater than 0 or not.
  • Within the while loop, use the SUBSTRING Function to set the @Output value with three parameters, and they are Input, start point, endpoint. Here we assigned the Input as @Input, use the start point as 0.
  • Use the CHARINDEX Function to find the ‘ ‘, so that the endpoint will be before the space.
  • Now, adding this to @Output, and which is empty at the starting of the loop.
  • To update the @Input variable, use the SUBSTRING Function. Here we assigned the Input as @Input.
  • Next, use the SQL CHARINDEX Function to find the empty space, and then we added 1 so that the starting point will be after space.
  • Then, use the SQL LEN Function to specify the end value.
  • At SET @Output it is extracting the word starting at 0 indexes and up to empty space. That will be the first word.
  • Once it got its first word, it will remove that word from @Input using the SET @Input code.

Input :
Welcome to SQL Server Tutorial on Geeksforgeeks.

Example –


SET @Input = 'Welcome to SQL Server 
             Tutorial on Geeksforgeeks.'

SET @Output = ''
WHILE LEN(@Input) > 0

IF CHARINDEX(' ', @Input) > 0

              (@Input, 0, CHARINDEX(' ', @Input))
               + ' ' + @Output
SET @Input = LTRIM
             (@Input, CHARINDEX 
             (' ', @Input) + 1, LEN(@Input))))


SET @Output = @Input + ' ' + @Output
SET @Input = ''
SELECT @Output

Output :

Geeksforgeeks. on Tutorial Server SQL to Welcome

Input and Output using SQL Server Management Studio :

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