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RedBus Interview Experience | Set 2 (Full stack role)
  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 12 Jun, 2018
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Round 1: Asked about myself and my current company. what kind of work i did in my current company on a day to day basis. Then they asked me which data structures i was comfortable with. The following questions were asked related to DS and Algo:

  1. Middle element in a linked list.
  2. Detect if a linked list  has loop.
  3. Find the starting point of loop in the linked list if it has loop
  4. print 2d array elements in spiral order.
  5. number of  trailing 0’s in the factorial of a number

Then they asked me about basics of Node.js .Following questions were asked related to Node.js:

  1. Explain event loop
  2. Single threadness of node.js
  3. callbacks
  4. callback hell
  5. promises and closure etc.


Round 2: In this round, i was asked to make a todo crud app using mern stack. i was given a laptop and 1 hr of time to create the crud app .

once i was  done, they asked me questions about react component, basics of react, oops concepts, some puzzles (10 coin, 5heads up and 5 tails up), find the meeting node of two intersecting linked list, about mongo db, express, isomorphic components, react component lifecycle.

Round 3: This round was with the manager. He was very friendly and asked questions related to sql and oops concepts. We then had a discussion on blockchain technology and about crypto-currencies and we asked each other about our favorite alt coins.

Finally i had a telephonic round with the HR and eventually i have converted the job offer.

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