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Raja Software Labs Interview Experience (Pune)

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  • Last Updated : 22 Mar, 2022
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Round 1: (Online test 1): 20ques in 60min. It includes medium-level reasoning, Coding output, and Aptitude test.

Round 2: (Online test 2): 3-5 Coding Ques, like pen-paper round. (No code compilation).

Round 3: Technical 1: Video call, 2-3 coding ques. Questions asked: 

  • Anagram 
  • Prime no. till n. 
  • Non-duplicate int from the list.

Round 4: Technical 2: Video call, 2-3 code ques. Questions Asked: 

  • Digits of int ae in ascending or descending or not specified. Ex: 1378 – acs order, 743 – desc order, 3574 – no specific order
  • List of marks are there, Tell the rank of the entered new mark. Ex: Marks List: {39, 38, 38, 36, 34, 31, 28}, if added mark is: 38: Rank2, 37:Rank3, 36:Rank3
  • It was like a puzzle, 2 watches are there 1 for hrs(24) and 1 for min(60), Calculate the shortest unit distance between the 2 times from these watches. Ex: t1=03:56, t2:18:12 Distance=9+16=25. Soln: min(h2 – h1, 24 – h2 + h1)+min(m2-m1, 60-m2+m1), where h2 is the greater hr, m2 is the greater min. Try it. The interviewer was surprised to see the solution so quickly from my end :-).

Final Round 5, Technical 3 + HR: Questions asked:

  • Intro and experience. 
  • Why you want to switch. 
  • Current and expected Salary 
  • Details about your role in the previous company.
  • What was your profile

Java Collection Framework related:

  • Maps and types of the map you worked on?
  • Why we don’t use Map= new Map, instead of HashMap/LinkedHashMap, Is Map an interface? (they tried to confuse me here).
  • Difference between HashMap and LinkedHashMap.
  • How Map<String, X> will be handled both in HashMap and LinkedHashMap. (I should them for Map<Integer, X> earlier, and it was sorted for HashMap)
  • If you create a new class, and create a Map with it as a key-value, How will it be done? Explain.

Feedback: It was all good, First two technical rounds were normal, Problem-solving skill-based ques, Anagram code didn’t work for me, I tried 2-3 methods. Then also I got the next interview call. So, they will see your approach much of the time, they will ask you the approach for every question you will work on, And if found Ok, will not check the code also. At the last round, I think they got stunned with my expectation, that’s why they tried some high-level ques but I answered most of them with confidence. Al their rounds were taken by different single people. You will get details in your invite(mail) only about the timing and requirements. So, no need of panicking out in any situation. Hoping to receive an offer from RSL. All the best to you all.  


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