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Python – Reverse a words in a line and keep the special characters untouched

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  • Last Updated : 04 Aug, 2022
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Reverse the characters in all words in a line including numbers, but leave special characters and symbols untouched in the same position. Consider the below examples.

Input: ‘Bangalore is@#$!123 locked again in jul2020’ should change to 
Output: ‘erolagnaB si@#$!321 dekcol niaga ni 0202luj’ 

Input: ‘Bangalore is@#$!123locked locked again in jul2020’ should change to 
Output: ‘erolagnaB si@#$!dekcol321 dekcol niaga ni 0202luj’ 

Look at the above example, each word is reversed, if there is any special character, then the word surrounding the special character gets reversed.


def reverStringsInLine(s):
    sl = s.split(' ')
    rsl = ''
    for word in sl:
        str_word = ''
        rev_sub_word = ''
        for ch in word:
            if ch.isalnum():
                str_word += ch
                # If it is special character, then
                # reverse non special characters and
                # append special character
                rev_sub_word += str_word[::-1] + ch
                # Clear the old stached character, as
                # it is already reversed
                str_word = ''
        # Keep appending each words, also add words
        # ending with non-special character
        r_word = rev_sub_word + str_word[::-1]
        rsl += r_word + ' '
    return rsl
s = 'Bangalore is@#$!123locked locked again in jul2020'


erolagnaB si@#$!dekcol321 dekcol niaga ni 0202luj 

Time Complexity: O(n2)
Auxiliary Space: O(n)

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