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MakeMyTrip Interview Experience | Set 11 (Developer Position)
  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 22 Jul, 2019

I recently go interviewed for MakeMyTrip Developer position. I had 5 rounds:

Round 1:
1) Reverse a Linked List – You should be able to write code on paper.
2) Find next bigger Number. Example – i/o -123 o/p 132
3) Concatenate array to find biggest possible number. –

Mainly they will see if your solution is correct without much concern about optimized solution.

Round 2:
1) Find if a tree is mirror of other tree.
2) find shortest path between two nodes in a given graph.
3) print cousins of a binary tree
4) one more question i forgot

Round 3:
1) tell me about your experience and projects
2) what design principles you use in your work(ex DRY, SOLID etc)
3) write production level code of int fibonaaci(n) along with test cases.
4) use case of multithreading how to implement them in java
5) Javascript – prototype inheritance angular – controllers, $rootscope

Round 4:
This round was with their CTO.
He explained what is expected from me and what kind of work I will be getting.
Reasons for job change?
What technologies learn outside your work.
Main focus was on cultural fitment.
He did not ask anything technically as previous three rounds feedback was good.

Round 5: HR Round:
Salary expected and nothing much.

Thanks GeeksForGeeks!!!

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