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Logic Notations in LaTeX

  • Difficulty Level : Expert
  • Last Updated : 21 Jun, 2020

Logic Notations is a set of symbols which is commonly used to express logical representation.
For example, not A is represented as –

So, let’s see the latex code of Logic Notations one by one.

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Logic Operators and their Latex Code –

1. there exists at least one\exists \exists
2. there exists one and only one\exists! \exists!
3. there is no\nexists \nexists
4. for all\forall \forall
5. not (logical not)\neg \neg
6. or (logical or)\lor \lor
7. division\div \div
8. and (logical and)\land \land
9. implies\implies \implies
10. right implication\Rightarrow \Rightarrow
11. is implied by (only if)\Longleftarrow  \Longleftarrow
12. left implication\Leftarrow \Leftarrow
13. if and only if, iff\iff \iff
14. equivalence\Leftrightarrow \Leftrightarrow

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