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L & T Infotech Interview Experience On Campus-Sept 2018

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It was campus placement. Consisted of 4 rounds:
  1. Aptitude test. :- quants 10(simple percentage, ratios, profit loss, work time and ages),
logical 10(easy again find missing value, complete the given figure, conclusion and assumptions), verbal (arrange in proper sequence, correct the given statement, fill with proper grammar, etc type)10 and technical 40(some question were moderate level. Mostly easy. Theoretical knowledge based questions on java, C, C++, SLQ queries, frequently used html tags, networking simple questions like full form of FTP, no guess the correct O/P type question). 1 min per question.   There is sectional cutoff in each of the above question.   The rest of the section will not eliminate you but it is good to perform well in it. 1 coding problem (some had to find greatest of 3 number, some had to check character or digit, some had factorial) 10mins 1 SQL query writing (simple query)10mins 1 paragraph(200 words max) writing 10 mins 89 question about personality -20 or 30 mins not sure in this.  
  1. GD : my topic was “credit cards are spoiling youth”.
Few advises: the only thing matters is what you are saying and how you are saying. Don’t rush guys. Be patient. Listen if you don’t get chance to speak in first few conversation. And then speak relevant thing. Be loud and clear. Its ok to speak less but speak relevant things only. Conclude properly.  
  1. HR1 :
Fav question of all “introduce yourself” Then she asked me why I am not opting for masters. Then resume based questions and am I flexible to relocate( they want you to relocate so if you say no you mostly won’t get placed) And at last do u have any questions for me.  
  1. HR2 +Tech :
I was assuming something tech as she asked few students technical questions (I think cause they were from non CS)to my surprise she didn’t ask a single tech question, instead she asked me in Rapid fire. Questions were why should I hire you give me 3 reasons. Then why do you think so. Then elaborate any one experience. And done that it.

Last Updated : 05 Oct, 2018
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