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jQuery Plugins Complete Reference

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Plugins are the section of code and these codes are written in a JavaScript file. These JavaScript files are used to provide jQuery methods that work together with jQuery library methods.

jQuery Plugins Complete List:



Page Piling This feature provides Pile your sections one over another and access them by scrolling or by anchor links.
FlickerplateThey are responsible for touch detections and events such as custom Modernizr and jQuery Finger library.
Multiscroll Create split web pages along with divided multiple vertical scrolling panels.
RowGridIt is very lightweight and supports an infinite scrolling feature.
AlertifyProvides a pre-designed customizable notification system along with interactive browser dialogs.
Image ProgressBarsHere is a jquery plugin that turns photos into vertical progress bars.
DrawSVG SVG images in a variety of ways for a developer’s web pages, which is very lightweight and easy to use.
Tagsort Displaying tags or filter elements based on different tags in a DOM.
Logos DistortAnimating a parallax environment for 3D scenes in the user browser. 
FilerFiler uploader plugin for easy implementation of uploading the files
Product TourGenerating mobile-friendly customizable step-by-step guided tours for web applications.
menu-aimDevelop effective dropdown menus along with easy navigation of sub-menu contents. 
Flipping GalleryFlip many images in a gallery in various directions with the autoplay feature
table2excelTo export HTML tables to excel (.xls) files.
Vertical Dot Navigation  That help in navigating or scrolling through long web pages. 
CLNDRIt is used in appointing dates of various events in the calendar format.
GMaps Is used Google maps in a variety of ways.
HighchartsImplement charts for representing or comparing data for web and mobile applications.
JcropThe quickest and easiest approach to include picture cropping capability in 
hc-offcanvas-navCreate toggled off-canvas navigation with flexible multi-level menu and sub-menu items. 
TooltipGood responsive placement (try resizing your browser window on the demo website!).
bootstrapSelect Select elements into a bootstrap dropdown with colors and a search field.
Timepicker Add the date picker section on webpages.
PoppaReliable, cross-browser friendly, and lightweight plugin that makes client-side validation very simple.

Last Updated : 23 Jan, 2023
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