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JavaScript | DataView()

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  • Last Updated : 25 Jun, 2018

The DataView function in JavaScript provides an interface to read and write more than one number types into an ArrayBuffer.

new DataView(buffer, byteOffset, byteLength)

Parameters: The function accepts three parameters which are described as below:

  • buffer: An ArrayBuffer that is already existing to store the new DataView object.
  • byteOffset (optional): offset(in bytes) in the buffer is used to start a new view of the buffer. By default, the new view starts from the first byte.
  • byteLength (optional): It represents number of elements in the byte array. By default, the buffer’s length is considered as the length of the view.

Return value: It returns a new DataView object which will represent the specified data buffer.

JavaScript code to show the working of DataView() function:


   // Creating an ArrayBuffer with a size in bytes
   var buffer = new ArrayBuffer(16);
   // Creating views
   var view1 = new DataView(buffer);
   //creating view from byte 0 for the next 4 bytes
   var view2 = new DataView(buffer,0,4); 
   //creating view from byte 12 for the next 2 bytes
   var view3 = new DataView(buffer,12,2);
   // Putting 1 in slot 0
   view1.setInt8(0, 1); 
   // Putting 2 in slot 12
   view1.setInt8(12, 2)
   //printing the views



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