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Java.lang.Character.UnicodeBlock Class in Java

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Character.UnicodeBlock Class represents particular Character blocks of the Unicode(standards using hexadecimal values to express characters – 16 bit) specifications. Character Blocks define characters used for specific purpose. Declaration :
public static final class Character.UnicodeBlock
   extends Character.Subset
Methods of Character.UnicodeBlock Class :
  • forName() : java.lang.Character.UnicodeBlock.forName() returns the name of Unicode Blocks, which are determined by the Unicode Standards. The method accepts argument as Canonical Block as per Unicode Standards. Syntax :
    public static final Character.UnicodeBlock forName(String block)
    Parameters : 
    block : Name of UniCode Block.
    Return  :
    instance of UniCode Block.
    Exception : 
    -> IllegalArgumentException
    -> NullPointerException
  • of(char ch) : java.lang.Character.Subset.of(char ch) returns the UniCode Block having the argumented character or null if the character is not a part of any defined Unicode Block. Syntax :
    public static Character.UnicodeBlock of(char ch)
    Parameters : 
    ch : character to be found.
    Return  :
    returns the UniCode Block or null.
    Exception : 
    -> IllegalArgumentException
  • of(int UCPoint) : java.lang.Character.Subset.of(int UCPoint)returns the object having the argumented UniCode – Point or null if the character is not a part of any defined Unicode Block. Syntax :
    public final String toString()
    Parameters : 
    Return  :
    returns the object having the argumented UniCode - Point or null
    Exception : 
    -> IllegalArgumentException
// Java Program illustrating the use of
// Character.UnicodeBlock class Methods.
import java.lang.*;
public class CharacterSubsetDemo 
   public static void main(String[] args) 
      // Use of forName() : 
      // returns Unicode Blocks, as per Unicode Standards
      System.out.println("Using UnicodeBlock.forName() : ");
      System.out.println(Character.UnicodeBlock.forName("MALAYALAM") + "\n");
      // Use of(char ch) :
      System.out.println("Using UnicodeBlock.of(char ch) : ");
      System.out.println(Character.UnicodeBlock.of(' '));
      System.out.println(Character.UnicodeBlock.of('\u21ac') + "\n");
      // Use of(int UCPoint) : 
      System.out.println("Using UnicodeBlock.of(int UCPoint) : ");

Output :
Using UnicodeBlock.forName() : 

Using UnicodeBlock.of(char ch) : 

Using UnicodeBlock.of(int UCPoint) : 
Note : lang.Character.UnicodeBlock Class inherits others methods from lang.Character.Subset Class class which in turn inherits methods from lang.Character.Object class. For further details about java.lang.Object, refer : lang.Character.Subset Class in Java. Object class in Java.

Last Updated : 13 Sep, 2023
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