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Is 0.5 a whole number?

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Number System, any of various sets of symbols and therefore the rules for using them to denote numbers, which are wont to state what percentage objects are there during a given set or in other words Number system is a mathematical presentation of numbers of a given set.

Whole Numbers

The whole numbers are a part of the amount system during which includes all the positive integers from 0 to infinity. These numbers exist in the number line. Hence, they are all real numbers. The complete set of natural numbers alongside ‘0’ are called whole numbers.

0 , 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 , 10 , … are whole numbers.

Is 0.5 a whole number?


So, the answer is NO, 0.5 is not a whole number.

Let’s look at How does one check if variety may be a whole number,

Multiply it by 10 and then do a division with 10, and check if the result of that two operations is zero.

The result of that two operations will offer you the first digit after the percentage point.

If the result’s adequate to zero then the amount may be an integer.

Let’s check it for 0.5.

Multiply 0.5 by 10 which gives us 5.

Now divide it with 10 i.e. 5/10 = 0.5

The first digit after the decimal point is 5, therefore 0.5 is not a whole number.

To convert it into a whole number, it needs to be rounded off to the nearest whole number. Since, the digit after decimal is equal to 5, hence, it will be rounded up to the next whole number which is 1. 

Hence, 0.5 as a whole number will be 1.

Similar Problems

Question 1: State whether the given statement is true or false.

“Any number multiplied by zero becomes a whole number.”


True, as the number becomes zero and zero is a whole number.

Question 2:  Can we say that all negative integers multiplied by -1 become the whole number?


Yes ,  all negative integers multiplied by -1 becomes whole number.

Question 3: What is the predecessor of the whole number 0? 


Whole number 0 has no predecessor. 

Question 4: If the product of two whole numbers is zero then one number will be?


If the product of two whole numbers is zero then one number will be “Zero“.

Question 5: An even number plus an odd number is always an odd number?


Yes, an even number plus an odd number is always an odd number.

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Last Updated : 03 Sep, 2021
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