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Incremental Programming in Python
  • Last Updated : 18 Aug, 2020

In incremental systems, every measurement refers to a previously dimensioned position (point-to-point). Incremental dimensions are the distances between two adjacent points. An incremental movement moves A distance based on your current position.

Start Small – First of all, start your program small and kept that working instead of writing many lines without having the idea of whether the program is correctly working or there is some error in it.

Keep It Working – Now as our small part is working fine then we should start adding another small part of the program to our main program and check whether it works fine or not. If there is any error you can find it at the first. Once there is no error the keep repeating the second step until our problem is met.

By doing this we can avoid lots of error at the last time when we are compiling the entire code and we will be confused by the whole lots of error showing. Because we will be eliminating all the errors side by side when we add a small part of the program to our main code.

Basically we follow this method of programming unknowingly. It is one of the best method of programming that the programmers can practice in their daily code.

We will see a simple example of how the incremental programming works with a simple program in Python by constructing a house, as it the best example that we can see in our day to day life. We will be using the turtle module.

1. We will instantiate the turtle object.

# importing the odule
import turtle
wn = turtle.Screen()
house = turtle.Turtle()

2. First let us draw a vertical line


3. We add a horizontal line at the bottom


4. In this we can add one vertical and horizontal line so that we can get a shape of a box.


5. Now we have to add the roof to make the house complete.


Another example you can see is that the CNC machines also use this technique for the process. Like shown above if we divide our program into small parts it will be very helpful for us to write an error-free code.

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