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HRRN Scheduling Full Form

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HRRN stands for Highest Response Ratio Next.


HRRN scheduling is non-preemptive scheduling, i.e. Non-preemptive scheduling is scheduling in which priority of each job depends on its estimated run time and the amount of time spent on waiting. The longer they wait they gain higher priority which prevents the process of starvation. i.e. The Response ratio should be concerned with requested to serve time and waiting time. HRRN does not suitable for priority systems.

W = Waiting time of the process so far
B = Burst time or Service time of the process

Procedure for Algorithm

  • It starts.
  • It only consider the processes with Arrival time, Burst Time and priority.
  • It fills the ready Queue according to arrival times.
  • Highest hybrid priority process is executed first using formula Hp = 0.5 * Ep + 0.5 * R
  • Steps 4 and 5 repeated until queue becomes empty.
  • Now, Calculate average waiting time, average turnaround time, number of context switches.
  • It stop.


  • It is Non-preemptive.
  • It prevents indefinite postponement (process of starvation).
  • It improves the performance of shortest process first scheduling.
  • It considers how long process has been waiting and increases its priority.


  • Burst time of the processes can not be known in advance so it can not be implemented practically.
  • Processes are scheduled by internal priority system because it does not support external priority system.
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Last Updated : 07 May, 2020
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