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How to read a Large File Line by Line in PHP ?

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We will use some file operations to read a large file line by line and display it.

  1. Read a file: We will read the file by using fopen() function. This function is used to read and open a file.


     fopen("filename", access_mode);
    • filename: Filename is the name of the file
    • access_mode: It is the mode of the file that includes r – read mode and w- write mode.
  2. Traverse through the end of the file: We can traverse by using feof() function. This function is used to traverse till the end of the file.



    • $file: It is the file name
  3. Get the data line by line: We can get the data line by line by using fgets() method.


    • $file: It is the file name

Example: Let us consider the file with data stored in “myfile.txt”. The following is the PHP code to read the file line by line and display.


    // Open your file in read mode
    $input = fopen("myfile.txt", "r");
    // Display a line of the file until the end 
    while(!feof($input)) {
        // Display each line
        echo fgets($input). "<br>";


myfile.txt: The content for the “myfile.txt” is as follows:

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file line by line

Last Updated : 14 Jul, 2021
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