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How To Deal With a Toxic Manager?

Last Updated : 22 Sep, 2023
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People say they love their jobs but not the environment created by the boss. So, if you face the same issue, you need to do something about it before it gets too late.

Psychologists have proved that spending time around toxic people can decrease work efficiency and creativity. However, in work-laden offices, managers are seen bursting out at the employees now and then. This can severely affect the work culture and the overall health of you and your fellow employees.

Therefore, it is pertinent to treat yourself like someone you are responsible for helping and follow these most-effective ways to deal with your toxic manager.

1. Take a Stand Whenever You Can

It is challenging to take a stand in front of your superiors. However, it is necessary to take a stand wherever and whenever possible to preserve your self-esteem. People often advise young employees to bear with the unnecessary tantrums of their managers and bosses. However, this is acceptable until they are not harassing you or bullying you when alone or in front of others. Stand tall whenever you face such a situation and defend yourself in the most polite way possible. Instead of shooting a sarcastic reply, try an assertive sentence. Assertion always wins the game.

2. Tell the Truth, Tell Them How They Make You Feel

People often share their work stories where their toxic managers bully them. They sob in the corner for not doing anything about it. However minor it might be to others, you need to address it if it bothers you to the extent that it keeps you awake at night.

The first step of addressing a problem is confronting the person who caused it. Instead of shooting, “How dare you to say that?” try to convey how their belittling affected you mentally and emotionally. Make them realize that whatever they say in public can severely impact people’s health.

3. Interpret the Covert Meaning of their Messages

Instead of focusing on the words that they choose, analyze the reasons behind their outrage/frustration. There are chances that it is not you who are bothering them but some other issue utterly unrelated to you.

Besides, you can always check their tone by making them realize that raising their voice or getting into frequent arguments can impact their health severely. Keep your speech precise A toxic manager was not born toxic. There are numerous factors responsible for changing the behavior of a person. One of those factors might be the speech of people around them.

When people cannot communicate how a person likes to speak, they end in a heated discussion. So, whenever you see your manager in a good mood, observe them. See what topics they like to discuss, what tone they prefer, and who they are most comfortable around. Learn from these people to work on your speech.

4. Try Not to Take It Personally

Is your manager toxic only with you, or is it the same way with other employees? If the former is true, you need to assess what wrong you did to your manager. Talk to them. However, if the latter is the case, which usually is, then ignore the conversations that make you feel tiny or ashamed.

Taking an insult from a toxic manager personally is like taking a joke seriously. So, forget it as soon as it happens.

5. Ask Them What They Seek From You

When the boss fails to let his feelings be known promptly, his frustration builds up slowly. Then, one day, he blows up about it. To escape all this drama, all you need is good communication skills.

Whenever they assign you a task, ask them what they need from you, what expectation they have regarding the work assigned, by what time they want you to submit the job, and all other relevant questions that might give space for your manager to blow up.

6. Seek Better Perspective

There are times when you see a sudden shift in a person’s behavior. It could be due to any reason, but a sudden change always has a reason behind it.

If your manager had cordial behavior and observed a sudden shift in tone and interpersonal skills, you should seek a better perspective. You must look at the bigger picture and their personal/mental/emotional issues.

Instead of holding grudges, try to analyze the situation from new perspectives.

7. Keep a Check on Your Impulses

If your manager yells at you, avoid a stern reply. Your manager is still your manager, no matter how inhuman that person might be. If you need that job, keep your patience and speak in a not sarcastic or rude tone.

Impulsive responses are often half-realized. Therefore, if you are impulsive, you need to hold your ground and stay calm to develop an appropriate response.

8. Learn From Past Employees

Talk to people who have been working under the guidance of the toxic manager/boss. This is the essential thing to handle your toxic manager. Instead of bitching around with them, discuss how they handle their sour encounters with the toxic manager. How do other employees develop high spirits even after all the toxicity that the manager brings to the table?

Last but the most important is to maintain proper boundaries. If you seek to continue to work in the same place, in the presence of the toxic manager, remember to keep your distance. Your mental and emotional health is your topmost priority. Keep that in mind, always. 

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