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How to Create Pull Request on GitHub without Using any IDE?

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Git is an open-source version control system. It means that whenever a developer develops some project (like an app or website) or something, he/she constantly updates it catering to the demands of users, technology, and whatsoever it maybe, Git is a version control system that lets you manage and keep track of your source code history. Find the appropriate web project according to your requirement in GitHub. You may also go through this link to create a Pull Request on TextUtils Website.

Step By Step Implementation

Step 1: Go the page on Github on which you want to create a pull request or for now Go to the above-given project and try to create Pull Request. Then click on the edit button as shown in the figure. Then make the changes that you wanted to make.

Step 2: Then Go to the bottom of the page and give the commit message(like the changes you have done) and then Click On Propose Changes.

Step 3: Then a new Web Page will Open. Click On Create Pull Request.

Step 4: Go below and Again Click On Create Pull Request.

And then You Will See (This Branch has no conflicts with the base Branch) and Yes, You have Created Your First Pull Request Without using any IDE.

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Last Updated : 17 Dec, 2020
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