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How to Create a Project In NetBeans GUI?
  • Last Updated : 09 Mar, 2021

All Java Development in the IDE takes place within Projects, we first need to create a new project within which to store sources and other project files. An IDE project is a group of JAVA Source files plus its associated metadata (data about data), including projectspecific properties files, and many other related files. A Java Application may consist of one or more IDE Projects.

Step 1: Creating a new GUI application Project

  • Click on File option in Menu Bar or you can directly click on the New Project option in the Tool Bar or you can press Ctrl + N for starting the New Project in java.

Menu Bar

  • Now, If you have click on the File Option in the Menu Bar then the Drop – Down List will appear in front of the Screen you can Select the New Project option in that Drop – Down List.
  • A New Project window will appear in front of your screen.

New Project Window

 Step 2: Select the Categories as JAVA and in the Projects Select Java Application.
 Step 3: Then Press the Next Button in the window.
 Step 4: Enter the name of the Project “but keep in mind that while writing the name of the project space is not required. Enter the name without  leaving the space.”

Project Name & File Location

Step 5: Now, the Dialog Box also show where the Project is going to save by the NetBeans if you want to change the Project Location you can set it from that but by Default, all the project will save in the following location of the local computer, as follows:

// As per windows operating system
// Note: Will diifer as per OS 

 Step 6: Then Click on the Finish Button in the window.

 New Project window

By now a project is created as one can conceive from the pictorial representation. By following the above mention steps you can Start the New Project in the NetBeans after this you can start the Project in the JAVA Application, JAVA Class & Web Applicaton as per the Project / Customer Requirements.

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