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How to add two numbers in console using Node.js ?

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In this article, we will see how to add two numbers in the console using NodeJS. For this purpose, we need to know about a node package called prompt. It helps to take user input from the console. We would use its method prompt.get() to take user input.

Create NodeJS Application: Initialize the NodeJS application using the following command:

npm init

Module Installation: Install the prompt module using the following command.

npm install prompt

Implementation: Create an app.js file and write down the following code in it.



// Require would make the prompt
// package available to use
const prompt = require("prompt");
// An utility function to add
// two numbers
function add() {
  // Start the prompt
  // Get two numbers/properties
  // from user num1 and num2
  prompt.get(["num1", "num2"], 
  function (err, res) {
    // To handle any error if occurred
    if (err) {
    } else {
      // By default get methods takes
      // input in string So parseFloat
      // is used to convert String
      // into Float
      var sum = parseFloat(res.num1) 
        + parseFloat(res.num2);
      // Print the sum
      console.log("Sum of " + res.num1 
        + " and " + res.num2 + " is " + sum);
// Calling add function


Step to run the application: Run the app.js file using the following command.

node app.js

Output: Now enter the user input and view output in the console.


So this is how you can add two numbers in the console using nodeJs. Prompts help us to take input from users. It also supports validation and defaults over the input.

Last Updated : 26 Oct, 2021
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