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How many faces, edges and vertices does a cylinder has?

Last Updated : 06 Feb, 2024
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Answer: A cylinder has two faces and one curved surface, two edges, and zero vertices.

A cylinder is a three-dimensional shape, but when it comes to counting its faces, edges, and vertices, it’s a bit different from other shapes like cubes or pyramids.

Firstly, a cylinder has 3 faces. There are two circular faces at the top and bottom, and one curved face that wraps around the sides.

Next, edges are where two faces meet. In a cylinder, there are 2 edges. These edges are the circular lines where the top and bottom faces meet the curved side face.

Lastly, vertices are the points where edges meet. A cylinder, however, has no vertices because its edges are circular and do not converge at any point.

So, in summary, a cylinder has 3 faces (2 circular, 1 curved), 2 edges (the circular lines between the faces), and 0 vertices (no corners where edges meet).

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