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How CMMS helps in Cost Reduction?

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CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) is one of best methods that helps to reduce overall cost required to maintain assets or equipment. CMMS is a computerized way of managing and handling maintenance operations as it makes it easier to manage and organize data and generate reports. One of main advantages of using CMMS is that it helps to reduce cost of maintenance. Following are some ways in which CMMS helps to reduce maintenance cost – 


1. Reduce Equipment Downtime and Unplanned Shutdowns : 
Reactive maintenance or emergency maintenance i.e. maintenance of equipment after failure occurrence is not a bad strategy but it has many other disadvantages. Maintenance of failed equipment is much more than maintenance cost to prevent assets from failure. Preventing assets from failure simply saves the cost required to repair or replace failed assets and in turn reduces the overall cost of maintenance. Assets failure or breakdown i.e. asset downtime or shutdown is greater loss for any organization. One should implement Preventive or Proactive maintenance strategies rather than Reactive maintenance strategies. CMMS helps one to easily implement Preventive or proactive maintenance strategies to simply reduce assets failure and downtime. 

2. Reduce Overtime : 
If emergency situations are more in any organization, then workload will also be more and workers might have to work 24 hours to deal immediately with such emergency situations. In turn, labour costs will get an increase. But if emergency situations are prevented from occurrence i.e. any unexpected failure or breakdown chances of any asset is reduced (downtime of assets is reduced), then it will automatically reduce workload. Workers won’t have to do overtime if regular maintenance is implemented and assets condition is maintained up to date. CMMS helps team members to communicate more efficiently and effectively so that members can work together to complete tasks fastly under given deadlines. 

3. Reduce Average Time to Repair : 
If emergency situations occur, then one has to handle situations quickly and effectively without any delay. The time required to repair failed assets should not be much more as it might worsen the emergency situation. Asset failure can lead to more damages if it is not repaired on time. That will in turn increase cost required to handle situations and bring back assets to its normal working condition. CMMS is a system that helps one to deal with such situations more fastly as CMMS provide all information regarding an asset that is required so that one can quickly make a decision regarding best maintenance strategy that is needed to be applied and tools required to repair it. 

4. Prolong Life of Assets : 
Every time dealing with a failed condition, emergency situations of assets simply means that assets condition is not good. It is needed to replaced or repaired. But this will increase the overall cost required to maintain assets. One should always try to increase the lifetime of assets. For the increasing lifetime, it is important to prevent assets from failure and maintain its condition up to date. CMMS is the best way that makes sure that assets are well maintained and work properly without any disturbance. This will automatically increase their lifetime that in turn reduce the cost required to repair it. 

5. Lower Repair Cost : 
Assets health is a major factor that affects cost. If one implements preventive maintenance, then there won’t be any requirement to do repair work. This will automatically save repair costs. One does not have to do any unnecessary investment in repair if the condition of assets. CMMS helps in maintaining asset health without any type of damage or failure. 

Last Updated : 05 Nov, 2021
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