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Hitachi Vantara Interview Experience

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It was an on-campus placement drive that I attended from the college side.

First round: It is a written round that is online, it consists of eighty MCQs and two coding questions which are easy to moderate. MCQ consists of SQL, Cloud, Python, Java, OOC, HTML, CSS, and Verbal.

During the first round out of 150 in our college only 30 students cleared the written round and they are called for the second round which is a technical interview offline in SJBIT(they are overall taking interviews for BGS intuitions) where we were around 160 people from different colleges.

Technical Interview: It went on for 45 minutes, I can say my interviewer is very soft and has very much patience. The interview started with the most common question tell me about yourself, I was well prepared for this from various websites and by watching the YouTube video I answered it very well.

  • The next question went with data structures as I am very confident and had a strong grip on the subject so I mentioned it in my resume I answered all the questions they asked like stacks, queues, linked lists, searching algorithms, and sorting algorithms they only asked to write logic. 
  • When they got to know I had some grip on data structures they moved for projects and they asked for some SQL queries to write related to the project. 
  • Then they asked about Cloud, java, python, C, HTML, C related questions because I had done some certification courses which I mentioned in my resume.

Out of 30, only 22 cleared this round. I don’t have any idea about other colleges or how many cleared this round. who have cleared the second round and cleared for third round which is HR. 

HR Round: They asked some basic questions like why they wanted to hire, what are consequences faced in a project with team members were, and how I handled it. 

  • Which is the holiday destination I wanted to visit.
  • I mentioned self-confidence as a soft skill so they said to give me one live example where you are self-motivated, I answered they got impressed by my answer I guess.
  • Then they asked about reallocation, ready for night shifts, ready for the testing role. 
  • I just said ok to everything so they told me it is ok to tell from my heart, not from my brain I defined my answer they said any questions I asked them a few questions related to the company and their experience in the IT field they answered.
  • I made a small spelling mistake in the resume they find and asked I said sorry for that and told them the real fact that I prepared that updated resume two days back where I didn’t cross-check it again so it happened, I said please forgive me.

They said its ok these are small mistakes that impact you lot of industries.

So finally out of 22 from our college 18 got selected, I am also one among them, and over all from 160 people only 40 got selected.

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Last Updated : 27 Jan, 2023
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