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EditText in Android using Jetpack Compose

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EditText is one of the most important widget which is seen in most of the apps. This widget is generally use to get the data from users. Users can directly communicate with the app using this widget. This widget is used to get the data from user in the form of numbers, text or any other text. In this article we will take a look at the implementation of the EditText widget in Android using Jetpack Compose

Attributes of EditText Widget



value value is use to get the entered value from the user in the text field.

if the text field is empty we are displaying a hint to the user what he 

has to enter in the text field. 


keyboardOptions is used to add capitalization in the data which is entered by 

user in text field, we can also specify auto correction option in this. We can specify 

the type of keyboard which we have to display such as (phone, text) and to display

actions which can be performed from the keyboard itself. 

textStyleto add styling to the text entered by user. It is used to add font family, font size and styling to our text. 
maxLinesto add maximum lines for our text input field. 

active color is use to when user has click on edit text or the text field is focused and 

entering some data in the text field. 

singleLineIn this we have to specify a boolean value to avoid moving user input into multiple lines. 
inactiveColorInactive color is specified when user is not being focused on our Text Input Field. 
backgroundColorto specify background color for our text input field.

This method is use to add leading icon to our text input field. With this method

we can also specify color(tint) for our icon.


This method is use to add trailing icon to our text input field. With this method 

we can also specify color(tint) for our icon.

Step by Step Implementation

Step 1: Create a New Project

To create a new project in the Android Studio Canary Version please refer to How to Create a new Project in Android Studio Canary Version with Jetpack Compose.

Step 2: Adding EditText in MainActivity.kt file

Navigate to the app > java > your app’s package name and open the MainActivity.kt file. Inside that file add the below code to it. Comments are added inside the code to understand the code in more detail.


package com.example.gfgapp
import android.os.Bundle
import android.widget.Toast
import androidx.compose.material.*
import androidx.compose.material.icons.Icons
import androidx.compose.material.icons.filled.AccountCircle
import androidx.compose.material.icons.filled.Info
import androidx.compose.material.icons.filled.Phone
import androidx.compose.runtime.*
import androidx.compose.runtime.savedinstancestate.savedInstanceState
import androidx.compose.ui.Alignment
import androidx.compose.ui.layout.ContentScale
import androidx.compose.ui.platform.setContent
import androidx.compose.ui.res.imageResource
import androidx.compose.ui.tooling.preview.Preview
import androidx.compose.ui.unit.dp
import com.example.gfgapp.ui.GFGAppTheme
import androidx.compose.ui.Modifier
import androidx.compose.ui.draw.clip
import androidx.compose.ui.platform.ContextAmbient
import androidx.compose.ui.res.colorResource
import androidx.compose.ui.text.TextStyle
import androidx.compose.ui.text.font.FontFamily
import androidx.compose.ui.text.input.*
import androidx.compose.ui.unit.Dp
import androidx.compose.ui.unit.TextUnit
class MainActivity : AppCompatActivity() {
    override fun onCreate(savedInstanceState: Bundle?) {
        setContent {
            GFGAppTheme {
                // A surface container using the
                  // 'background' color from the theme
                Surface(color = MaterialTheme.colors.background) {
                    // at below line we are calling
                      // our function for text field.
fun TxtField() {
    // we are creating a variable for
    // getting a value of our text field.
    val inputvalue = remember { mutableStateOf(TextFieldValue()) }
            // we are using column to align our
            // imageview to center of the screen.
            modifier = Modifier.fillMaxWidth().fillMaxHeight(),
            // below line is used for specifying
            // vertical arrangement.
            verticalArrangement = Arrangement.Center,
            // below line is used for specifying
            // horizontal arrangement.
            horizontalAlignment = Alignment.CenterHorizontally,
                // below line is used to get
                // value of text field,
                value = inputvalue.value,
                // below line is used to get value in text field
                // on value change in text field.
                onValueChange = { inputvalue.value = it },
                // below line is used to add placeholder
                // for our text field.
                placeholder = { Text(text = "Enter user name") },
                // modifier is use to add padding
                // to our text field.
                modifier = Modifier.padding(all = 16.dp).fillMaxWidth(),
                // keyboard options is used to modify
                // the keyboard for text field.
                keyboardOptions = KeyboardOptions(
                        // below line is use for capitalization
                        // inside our text field.
                        capitalization = KeyboardCapitalization.None,
                        // below line is to enable auto
                        // correct in our keyboard.
                        autoCorrect = true,
                        // below line is used to specify our
                        // type of keyboard such as text, number, phone.
                        keyboardType = KeyboardType.Text,
                // below line is use to specify
                // styling for our text field value.
                textStyle = TextStyle(color = Color.Black,
                        // below line is used to add font
                        // size for our text field
                        fontSize = TextUnit.Companion.Sp(value = 15),
                        // below line is use to change font family.
                        fontFamily = FontFamily.SansSerif),
                // below line is use to give
                // max lines for our text field.
                maxLines = 2,
                // active color is use to change
                // color when text field is focused.
                activeColor = colorResource(id = R.color.purple_200),
                // single line boolean is use to avoid
                // textfield entering in multiple lines.
                singleLine = true,
                // inactive color is use to change
                // color when text field is not focused.
                inactiveColor = Color.Gray,
                // below line is use to specify background
                // color for our text field.
                backgroundColor = Color.LightGray,
                // leading icon is use to add icon
                // at the start of text field.
                leadingIcon = {
                    // In this method we are specifying
                    // our leading icon and its color.
                    Icon(Icons.Filled.AccountCircle, tint = colorResource(id = R.color.purple_200))
                // trailing icons is use to add
                // icon to the end of text field.
                trailingIcon = {
                    Icon(Icons.Filled.Info, tint = colorResource(id = R.color.purple_200))
// @Preview function is use to see preview
// for our composable function in preview section
@Preview(showBackground = true)
fun DefaultPreview() {
    GFGAppTheme {



EditText in Android using Jetpack Compose

Last Updated : 02 Dec, 2022
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