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Does India need to have more than one standard time?

Last Updated : 03 Jul, 2022
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 India needs to have more than one standard time since India has an enormous longitudinal reach out of around 30°: When the sun is as yet sparkling in western coast it is as of now night in upper east so we really want two or additional time regions to reflect everyday changes plainly.  Time varieties is of 2 hours among Easternmost and the Westernmost pieces of our country. The sun rises two hours sooner in Arunachal Pradesh when contrasted with Gujarat in light of the fact that the earth is shifted and furthermore it pivots in East to West heading so during turn the Eastern region of the planet encounters that sun beams prior when contrasted with the western areas of the planet. 

 In different nations like USA Canada and Russia have more than one standard time on the grounds that their longitudinal expand is huge. India’s longitudinal expand is likewise 30°. In this way utilizing more than one standard time is prudent.

Sample Questions

Question 1: Does India have to have more than one standard time?


India so far has just a single time zone. North eastern states are requesting a different time region (an hour sooner) to build the tea production. But till today there is no adjustment of time region.

Question 2: What are the problems occurred in implementing two time zones in India?


There will be confound in office timings and different working hours for banks. Carrying out double cross zones will require synchronizing rail route traffic which if not will make utter disarray and quite possibly rail line mishaps could turn out to be more continuous.

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