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Difference between Squarespace and WordPress

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In this article, we will see what Squarespace & WordPress is, along with knowing their features, advantages & disadvantages & the basic difference between them.

Squarespace: It is a free website builder tool designed to build a website even if you don’t know how to build the website. Square space supports the power of pre-built templates that you can then customize to make your personal website according to your needs. Squarespace allows you to simply build the landing page, Blog website, or online store just by drag and drop method where you don’t need to know the coding, & also allows you to share, what you are passionate about to share with the world through your website. The website that is built using Squarespace, supports both mobile and desktop friendly.


  • Website builder supporting professional website, online store, portfolio, or blog. 
  • Contains customizable templates that employ the latest HTML, CSS, and Javascript techniques, also having pre-designed structures for specific purposes such as Contact, About, Blog, Portfolio, Products, and more.
  • Supports the implementation of Custom CSS for any site through our built-in custom CSS editor.
  • Have a great & unique mobile & desktop user experience that matches the overall style of the website.


  • Squarespace is very simple and you don’t need to know about anything happening at the backend.
  • In Squarespace, we can also easily make an e-commerce website but you have to give a certain amount for enabling this feature.
  • It is beginner-friendly.
  • Easy in maintaining the website.
  • It provides an integrated email marketing platform.



  • It is not fully customizable and flexible.
  • It provides limited templates for your website.
  • It takes additional cost for providing additional features.

WordPress: It is a free & open-source software powerful Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to fully customize your blog, online store, and many more websites of different categories. We can use predefined themes without the need for much more coding knowledge. WordPress can manage any type of website with an offer of full customizations. WordPress uses plugins to add more functionality to your website it offers you thousands of plugins for free. you can easily make an e-commerce website through WordPress. It is more popular with bloggers as it gives full customization features and flexibility to your website.


  • WordPress has simplicity & flexibility to create any type of website i.e., a personal blog or website, a photoblog, a business website, a professional portfolio, a government website, a magazine or news website, an online community, even a network of websites.
  • Easy to create & maintain the document.
  • Supports for the various types of plugins that help to add complex galleries, controls for search engine optimization, social networking, forums, social media widgets, calendars, and forms.
  • Easy installation process & with having several free web hosts offer one-click installer.
  • Flexible to create your own custom post types, taxonomies, and metadata.


  • For adding different functionality to your website a proper plugin is available associated with that function.
  • We can make an e-commerce website easily just by using the WooCommerce plugin for free.
  • Easy to manage your content, no technical expertise is required.
  • A single individual may maintain the whole website no dedicated team is required.
  • WordPress provides Robust Security Features.
  • It is very cost-effective and flexible.
  • Blogging in the WordPress is Built-in.
  • WordPress provides Social Media Integration.


  • It is open-source which may create sometimes security issues.
  • Sometimes the speed of the site decreases.
  • An excess amount of plugins sometimes create issues about which to use or which should not be used.
  • Frequent updates are always coming and sometimes updates are not compatible with the website.
  • WordPress uses MySQL database as a backend which is outdated.

Difference between WordPress vs Squarespace:

1.It is a Content Management System.It is a Website Builder.
2.It is a more powerful platform able to manage any type of website.It is comfortable for beginners, having less functionality than WordPress.
3.You can build a large website with the help of WordPress.You can only build medium or small websites.
4.WordPress can manage a large amount of data.You can not manage large data like WordPress.
5.It is fully flexible and customizable.It is easier but less flexible.
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Last Updated : 07 Dec, 2021
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