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Difference Between JSP and PHP

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  • Last Updated : 31 May, 2022
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JSP was an implies of giving a comparable programming fashion to PHP and ASP. It is based on Java Servlets and requires a Servlet holder server like Tomcat to supply the backend preparation required to change over the JSP to a servlet that can yield HTML. In differentiating PHP can run on its possess as a CGI motor, or as a coordinates module in numerous web servers. This implies that PHP is more effectively deployable on the existing non-Java frameworks, but that has the end product that JSP is the common fit for Java environments. JSP: JSP stands for Java Server Pages, JSP is a server-side technology that makes a difference in making an energetic web application. It empowers the platform-independent strategy for building web-based applications and used to create dynamic web content. JSP employments the Java programming dialect, combined with HTML sentence structure. JSP is a deliberation of Servlets which is based on Java programming dialect. Java Server Page (JSP) could be an innovation for controlling the substance or appearance of Web pages through the utilize of servlets, little programs that are indicated within the Web page and run on the Internet server to adjust the Net page sometime recently it is sent to the client who asked it. Sun Microsystems, the designer of java alludes to the JSP innovation as the Servlet application program interface (API). JSP is comparable to Microsoft’s Dynamic Server Page (ASP) innovation. Though a Java Server Page calls a Java program that’s executed by the Internet server, a Dynamic Server Page contains a script that deciphered by a script translator sometime recently the page is sent to the client. 

Features of JSP:

  • It can tags which are easy to use and understand.
  • Implicit objects are there which reduces the length of code.
  • It does not require advanced knowledge of JAVA.
  • It is suitable for both JAVA and non JAVA programmer.

PHP: PHP is the abbreviation of Hypertext Preprocessor and earlier it was abbreviated as Personal Home Page. It is a server-side programming language. PHP may be a capable apparatus for making energetic and intuitive Web pages. PHP is a widely-used, free, and productive elective to competitors such as Microsoft’s ASP. PHP could be an interpreted programming language that gives out HTML code. PHP is the work behind in destinations such as mail or gatherings you see. PHP may be a widely-used general-purpose scripting dialect that’s particularly suited for Web advancement and can be inserted into HTML. It is additionally utilized as a general-purpose programming dialect. PHP code can be coordinated into the HTML code, or it can moreover be utilized in web CMS (Content Administration Framework) and a few web frameworks. PHP incorporates parcels of free and open-source libraries in its source dispersion. It’s essentially an internet-aware framework with built-in modules for getting to FTP servers and numerous database servers. 

Features of PHP:

  • It is easy to connect with the database to store and retrieve data from the database. Multiple databases can also be integrated with PHP.
  • It is the fastest programming language compared to other programming languages.
  • PHP frameworks and tools are used to protect web applications from outer attacks and security threats.
  • PHP is open-source so its code is visible to all programmers.
JSP require more and complex code.PHP is basic and require less lines of code.
Server-side programming technology.Server-side scripting dialect made by Rasmus Lerdorf.
Web applications with dynamic substance.Little to medium measured web arrangements.
JSP facilitating isn’t much expensive than PHP.PHP facilitating is exceptionally cheap.
Common to JSPs since they are changed over to Java classes.Way less characteristic than JSP.
Require Servlet holder like Tomcat.Run on its possess as a CGI motor.
JSP permits to characterize custom tags.PHP won’t permit custom tags.
JSP can be garbage collected , as it is an abstraction of the Java class.PHP do not have garbage collection.
Object caching is supported by JSP with its support for APIs.Caching is not supported by PHP.
JSP maintains user sessions efficiently.PHP knock down the user sessions every time.
JSP files are saved with .jsp extension.PHP files are saved with .PHP extension.
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