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Difference between JSP and HTML

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  • Last Updated : 05 Nov, 2020
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1. Java Server Pages (JSP) :
JSP stands for Java Server Pages. These files have the extension. jsp. The main advantage of JSP is that the programmer can insert Java code inside HTML. There are JSP tags to insert Java code. The programmer can write the tag at the end of the Java code. There are different JSP tags which can be used to accomplish various tasks. There are tags to share data between requests and pages and tags to pass control between pages and to get data from databases, etc. JSP is made on top of a Java-based technology called Java Servlet.

Java Server Page (JSP) may be a technology developed by Sun Microsystems, back in 1999, and is meant for creating dynamically generated sites . When a page is dynamic, it continually updates the knowledge, at an equivalent time the online page is being showed the client. Using JSP technology, it allows the online designers and developers to simply maintain and develop the online page content.

2. Hypertext markup language (HTML) :
HTML is a Hypertext markup language, the standard markup language for documents designed to displayed and viewed on the online during a browser also helps to create the structure of the web page. because it is a markup language, it consists of the many tags. There are tags to display text, tables, ordered lists and unordered lists, etc. There are two main section in the HTML page: head and body section. The data that describes the page also termed as metadata is inside the head section while the body section includes all the tags that are necessary to represent the visible content of the web page.

There are various HTML versions. the newest version is HTML 5. it’s more advanced features like Geo-location, native audio, and video support, Canvas, web socket etc. Usually, HTML is a simple language to find out and use. A programmer can create an HTML file employing a simple text editor and execute it employing a browser.

Difference between JSP and HTML :

1JSP is given by Sun Micro System.HTML was created by Tim Berners-Lee in 1991.
2JSP provides a dynamic interface for the continuously changing data and also it dynamically invokes the server actions.HTML provides a means to give a detailed account of the structure of text-based information in a document.
3JSP generated dynamic web pages only.Whereas Html generated static web pages only.
4There is a need of JSP container to execute Jsp code.There is a need of Html Interpreter to execute these code.
5JSP give the permission to place java code inside JSP pages.In HTML it do not allow to place java code inside Html pages.
6JSP is a technology which is used to create dynamic web applications.HTML is a standard markup language which is used to create the structure of web pages.
7JSP allow to place the custom tag or third party tag.It does not allow to place the custom tag or third party tag.
8JSP runs straight on the Web Server and local JVM.HTML runs in the Web Browser.
9JSP is termed as server-side scripting language.HTML is termed as client-side scripting language.
10JSP takes some time to load as it need to interact with the Web Server.As HTML runs on the local machine, it gets loaded very faster.

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