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Dart – Anonymous Functions

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An anonymous function in Dart is like a named function but they do not have names associated with it. An anonymous function can have zero or more parameters with optional type annotations. An anonymous function consists of self-contained blocks of code and that can be passed around in our code as a function parameter.

  • In Dart most of the functions are named functions we can also create nameless function knows as an anonymous function, lambda, or closure.
  • In Dart we can assign an anonymous function to constants or variables, later we can access or retrieve the value of closure based on our requirements:








// Dartprogram to illustrate 
// Anonymous functions in Dart
void main()
  var list = ["Shubham","Nick","Adil","Puthal"];
  print("GeeksforGeeks - Anonymous function in Dart");
  list.forEach((item) {
    print('${list.indexOf(item)} : $item');



This example defines an anonymous function with an untyped parameter, item. The function, invoked for each item in the list, prints a string that includes the value at the specified index. 

Last Updated : 15 Jul, 2020
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