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Cvent Interview Experience(Pool Campus for fulltime)

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Cvent conducted a pool campus drive. The whole process took 2 days. There were a total of 5 rounds to be cleared for getting into Cvent.
2 rounds at campus and 3 rounds at Cvent office.

Round 1:-
Around 300 candidates appeared for this round. It was an aptitude round which consisted of C, Java code snippet output, CS fundamentals and general aptitude questions. There were 30 questions to be answered in 35 minutes. The questions were easy to average level.

Round 2:-
Around 45 students were shortlisted for this round.
It was a coding round conducted on Codility platform. There was only one question to be solved in 35 minutes. We have to implement the provided function only. There were only 2 sample test cases present with the problem statement. However we were able to provide test cases for verifying our code for edge cases. Code will be judged completely after submission.

Round 3:-
This round onwards all the process was held at Cvent office.
15 students were shortlisted for this round.
It was an aptitude test.
Test divided into 2 parts.

  1. 22 minutes – 50 MCQ’s – Aptitude (problem solving & Calculations)/Logical Reasoning/English/Analytical skill. There is no negative marking, so attempt all questions.
  2. Personality based questionnaire – No Time Limit. No negative marking.

Round 4:-
It was the first technical F2F round.
1) The interviewer first introduced himself to me and ask about myself like what I like and what do I do. Then he asked me questions around my topic of interests only.
2) Given a file which contain words, and i will be given queries in each query I will be given with a pattern and I have to return the position of the pattern in the file(In short I have to implement find feature in a file). He asked me which data structure I will use and how will it be efficient.
3) Given a Node structure of a binary tree. Use it to represent a directed acyclic graph.
4) Given a problem statement, write down all the classes and interfaces.
5) Questions related to Blockchain(as I had mentioned it in my resume).
6) About my internship experience and projects.
7) Any questions for me?

Round 5:-
2nd technical F2F round.
1) There is a machine M1 which as several files in a directory. There are N machine on which instance of the same program is running. These N machines can not communicate with each other. All of these machines can perform read/write operation on the directory of machine M1. I have to suggest a way so that all the N machines can access machine M1 one at a time.
2) Implement a stack with a single array. Then he extended the question and asked to implement 2 stacks with a single array.
3) There are two bags one containing nuts and other containing bolts. Sizes of all the nuts are distinct and sizes of all the bolts are also distinct. For each nut in bag one there is only one bolt in bag 2 which fits(one to one mapping). I have to figure out all the pairs on nuts and bolts that fits in an efficient way.
4) Any questions for me?

The interviewers were nice and helping. Finally 6 students were selected for full time offer and I was one of them :). I would also like to thank Geeksforgeeks for provided all the resources which helped me and lots of other students out there.

Last Updated : 29 Oct, 2019
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