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Citicorp Summer Interview Experience | Analyst Internship (On Campus)

Last Updated : 26 Sep, 2020
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Citicorp, Pune visited our campus VJTI, Mumbai to offer Summer Internship as Summer Technical Analyst profile. It was open for all branches.

Round 1: Online Aptitude Test

It was conducted on 28th August 2020 on AMCAT Platform for 3 hours.

It has 5 sections having verbal, logical questions, English, Data structures, Computer Network MCQs and 2 coding questions.

MCQs were easy and there was no negative marking. Approximately one minute per question.

Every section was allotted a particular time, You can not resubmit your answer, and you can not switch between sections or questions, you need to solve questions sequentially.

Coding questions were:

1. Print trapezium pattern for given an input n

2. Backtracking Rat in Maze, similar to this

I was able to solve first question completely and second question partially.

60 People were shortlisted for Interview Round.

We had 2 Rounds for Interview at 3rd September 2020 on AMCAT Platform

Round 2: Technical Interview (20 mins)

He asked me about myself

The he asked names of subjects I had from semester 1 to 4, also which subject I like and I don’t like (I said I like Data structures rather than OS and DBMS)

Then he asked the reason and I told I like Problem solving than theory, that answer was not satisfactory for him I guess and he started asking me general OS and DBMS questions like types of CPU Scheduling and indexing.(So, if you are saying that you don’t like any topic, make sure you have at least basic knowledge about it)

Then he asked me to code:

1.Check whether a given number is prime or not

2.Check whether given string is Palindrome or not

At the end, I asked him about his daily routine at Citi.

It was average experience for me due to those OS questions, but maybe he was checking my patience level, so even if things are going wrong, you need to be patient and calm during the interview.

30 students shortlisted for HR Round

Round 3: HR Interview (20 mins)

The interviewer was very friendly, we had great discussion on various topics.

The questions he asked to me:

1. How are you doing?

2. Tell me about yourself

3. What motivates you everyday?

4. How much the job is important to you?

5. Why manholes are round not square shaped? (This was a general knowledge question, he just wanted to check my thought process)

6. Difficult Phase in life

7. What do you do apart from college (I said I like to write poems then he asked who is your favorite Poet)

8. Why Citi bank?

9. In which part in Citi bank you would like to work? (I said in Developing some banking system)

10. What Qualities you look for in a Leader and Name one such leader in Real life

11. What Group projects have you done and What you have learned from that

12. Tell me about one of your group project

At last I asked couple of questions about his role at Citi , and he answered them nicely 🙂

12 students were selected for internship, and I was one of them!

Some Points I would like to highlight for Interview:

1. Be calm and make yourself comfortable, Don’t think too much JUST FACE THE SITUATION.

2. SHOW CONFIDENCE while answering, don’t say ‘Maybe’ or ‘I think so’. If you don’t know the answer, politely say NO.

3. You should have ENOUGH KNOWLEDGE about everything on your Resume, don’t write fake things in resume, they can catch you.

4. BE YOURSELF, specially in HR round, there is nothing right and wrong so give your own and true opinions, don’t give diplomatic answers.

5. Don’t lose hope, even if your interview was not up to your expectations, ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN as they are going to select based on the relative performance.

All the best! Hope it helps 🙂

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