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Chat GPT Zero: What it is and How Does it Work?

Last Updated : 11 Aug, 2023
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With the advent of ChatGPT, an Open AI chatbot, the world of content creation has been inclined towards AI convenient and innovative way to generate output with minimum effort. This technological upgradation on the other hand raises suspicion of foul play in the media industry. The platform became a savior for millions of people across the world. It helped students in the completion of assignments in no time, helped job seekers to land their dream job with attractive AI-generated resumes and portfolios, and helped content creators create content for their platforms. Where it is difficult to differentiate between what is Human text and what isn’t, to overcome this loophole, applications like GPT Zero for AI-generated content detection are being developed.

What is Chat GPT Zero

Where it is difficult to differentiate between what is Human text and what isn’t, to overcome this loophole, applications like GPT Zero for AI-generated content detection are being developed.

These applications have an easy-to-use interface for fast and simple detection of connections. This blog will primarily focus on,

Table of Content

  1. What is ChatGPT Zero?
  2. How to use ChatGPTZero?
  3. Applications of ChatGPT Zero
  4. Limitations of ChatGPT Zero 

What is ChatGPT Zero?

GPT Zero is an AI content detector and writing CAPTCHA for chatbots. The application is claimed to set global standards for AI detection and present humans with the truth of the content. It can process a highly accurate analysis of content and is capable to detect its sister system the ChatGPT app, Bard, Chat GPT 3,  Chat GPT4, Human, and AI+Human. And is used by big organizations and universities like Salem Community College, Arizona State University, Product Hunt, Nextcloud, and, etc. 

The app is developed by 22-year-old, Edward Tian, a computer science major from Princeton University. Tian, terrified by the prospect of AI taking over the writing world created GPT Zero. According to Tian, the app examines the text for constant complexity, a human text comprises a variation in writing which differentiates the writing from AI.

The best part is it offers all these services free of cost and users can consume them on the developer official website and streamlit. It is available via a simple API and requires no specific training or knowledge before use. 

The application also features premium plans like:

1. Educator Plan

As the name suggests, this plan is specially created for educators. The plans cost $9.99 per month and include,

  • 50,000 character limit per document
  • Unlimited batch uploads
  • Check up to 1 million words per month
  • Access to a more fine-tuned detection model for education

2. Pro Plan 

This plan targets big organization that works with a huge amount of content on an everyday basis. The plan costs $19.99 per month and includes,

  • 50,000 character limit per document
  • Unlimited batch uploads
  • Check up to 2 million words per month
  • Access to GPTZero premium AI detection model with high limits

How to use ChatGPT Zero?

GPT Zero embodies a simple and easy-to-use interface with no login compulsion contrary to other Artificial Intelligence applications like ChatGPT login is a compulsion. Follow the steps given below to get started with ChatGPT Zero,

Step 1

Visit the website:


Step 1

Step 2

Copy and Paste the text in the content box or select a file from the device using the Choose File option. Make sure the content is a minimum of 250 words long. The application does not accept text less than the word limit.  


Step 2

Step 3

Agree to the terms of service. 


Step 3

Step 4

Click on Get Result on the bottom right.


Step 4

Step 5

Drag down to see the results. The results are showcased in bold on whether or not the text is written by a human or not. And further below, the stats elaborates on the level of accuracy of the human-driven content. The application performs a line-to-line examination to detect AI + Human content and highlights the faulty content in the text.


Step 5

Applications of ChatGPT Zero

  • Educational Sector

The launch of ChatGPT opened gates for the students to complete assignments effortlessly. The existence of such a medium made it impossible for professors to record the exact development of students academic performance. In contradiction to this,  GPT Zero comes in handy for professors to examine the authenticity of work delivered by students. The app supports multiple uploads to save time and effort. This a convenient tool for professors to check the files of the entire class at once.  

  • Content Creation and Writer 

GPT Zero helps content creators and writers to check the authenticity of their content and eliminate the risk of inadvertently creating  AI-generated content.

  • Hiring and Recruitment 

Organizations receive hundred and thousands of entries for an opening. GPT Zero helps the organization identify an eligible and deserving candidate. The app is used to clarify the authenticity of content produced by candidates during the interview process. 

  • Students and Researchers

Not only professors but GPT Zero is also used by students and researchers to check the authenticity of their content and as well as the source. This protects their content from unintentional plagiarism. 

Limitations of ChatGPT Zero

The accuracy level of GPT Zero is 98%. 

  • GPT Zero has a higher rate of accuracy in examining a larger piece of text than a line or paragraph. 
  • Due to its limited knowledge, the application may produce errors. The model’s accuracy depends on the input data resemblance with its training database, which contains a variety of human and AI-generated text.
  • The application accepts data in text form only
  • There is a chance of human text being misidentified as AI-generated text. Therefore, the medium should not be used to penalize students by universities and rather be used as the medium for evaluation. 
  • It has a high accuracy rate when working with GPT-3 AND GPT-4 models. And comparatively less accuracy when working on ChatGPT-generated content. 
  • The free version of the application has a 5000-word limit and 3 doc limit for batch upload
  • Though the application has phenomenal features and it is not a complete product.
  • The application offers extremely expensive premium plans


AI-content detector apps like GPT Zero makes the task of distinguishing between AI-generated and human-written content easier. It is capable of detecting a wide range of AI language models. But perhaps the most exciting part is GPT Zero potential. The app is continuously learning and improving. The structure works towards the development of the app parallel to digital evolution. The developers are continuously experimenting with AI models to achieve their full potential in supporting mankind. The latest versions of AI Applications update each year. ChatGPT Zero will eventually join the race. 

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