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BigDecimal movePointLeft() Method in Java

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  • Last Updated : 04 Dec, 2018
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prerequisite : BigDecimal Basics

The java.math.BigDecimal.movePointLeft(int n) method is used to move the decimal point of the current BigDecimal by n places to the left.

  • If n is non-negative, the call merely adds n to the scale.
  • If n is negative, the call is equivalent to movePointRight(-n).

The BigDecimal value returned by this method has value (this × 10-n) and scale max(this.scale()+n, 0).


public BigDecimal movePointLeft(int n)

Parameter: The method takes one parameter n of integer type which refers to the number of places the decimal point is required to be moved towards the left.

Return Value: The method returns the same BigDecimal value with the decimal point moved n places to the left.

Exception: The method throws an ArithmeticException if the scale overflows.

Input: value = 2300.9856, Leftshift = 3
Output: 2.3009856
while shifting the decimal point of 2300.9856 
by 3 places to the left, 2.3009856 is obtained
Alternate way: 2300.9856*10^(-3)=2.3009856

Input: value = 35001, Leftshift = 2
Output: 350.01

Below program illustrate the movePointLeft() method of BigDecimal:

// Program to demonstrate movePointLeft() method of BigDecimal 
import java.math.*;
public class GFG {
    public static void main(String[] args)
        // Create BigDecimal object
        BigDecimal bigdecimal = new BigDecimal("2300.9856");
        // Create a int i for decimal left move distance
        int i = 3;
        // Call movePointLeft() method on BigDecimal by shift i
        // Store the return value as BigDecimal
        BigDecimal changedvalue = bigdecimal.movePointLeft(i);
        String result = "After applying decimal move left by move Distance " 
        + i + " on " + bigdecimal + " New Value is " + changedvalue;
        // Print result


After applying decimal move left by move Distance 3 on 2300.9856 New Value is 2.3009856


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