Atlassian Online Coding Interview Experience

Round 1: Online Coding Round

It consisted of 3 Questions on Hackerrank, for 90 mins. They were named as:
– Find min weight path in a directed graph
– Subarray Products
– Missing Words

They were as follows, respectively:

– Given a graph (Number of edges, number of nodes, From and To node pairs), you need to find the minimum weighted path from the first node(1) to the last node(N) and return it’s weight. If there exists no edge between any two vertices which would be required to complete the path from the first to the last node, then an edge can be created between them with the weight 1.

– For each Subarray of a given array, you need to compute the product of their elements and return the highest product.

– Given two statements/strings S and T, return a list of all the words in S that do not appear in T.

I only got 40% score, and didn’t qualify for the next rounds.

Remember, in terms of Hackerrank questions, the number of test cases passed doesn’t always indicate your score, but which test cases passed does. Some are weighted much more than the other. Especially the last few test cases, they contribute much more towards the final score.

All the best!

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