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Atlassian Interview Experience for Summer Internship (On-Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 19 Jul, 2022
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Atlassian visited our college for hiring summer interns. The eligible branches were CSE, ECE & EE, and the C.G.P.A. had to be greater than 7. The hiring process consisted of three rounds – The coding Round, the DSA interview Round and the HR round. All the rounds were eliminatory.

This was a written round conducted on the HackerRank platform. 3 questions had to be solved within 90 minutes. The round was proctored, and the camera and microphone were ON.

  • The first question was based on Binary Search –
  • The second question was a bit complicated and tricky. It was like we are given an array of named directions which consists of the letters ‘L’ and ‘R’. Let its size be n. Then we calculate 2^n. After that, we take low as 1 and high as 2^n. After that, we run the loop n times(suppose the loop variable to be I ), and each time we must consider the mid of low and high, and depending on that value we have to insert I in our answer vector. After that depending on whether directions[i] is ‘L’ or ‘R’ we have to either consider the left part, i.e., low -mid, or the right half, i.e., mid to high. I felt this question was the most complicated of all the three but finally I was able to figure out what wanted.
  • The third question was like we were given an array of arrays of format : [ [ taskNo, ItemID, TimeLimit] ] and a variable called ExpiryLimit. If the taskNo is 0 then we need to add the ItemID in our list with the Time limit of its expiry as TimeLimit if taskNo is 1 and if ItemID is already present in our list, then we have to check if the present time is within TimeLimit of that item if yes then we have to add ExpiryLimit to its TimeLimit. Finally, we had to return the number of Items still unexpired after processing all the tasks.

The second and third questions aren’t present on any platform, so I couldn’t add links.

I was able to solve all three questions completely, around 20 minutes before the end of the test duration. The result for this round was declared on the same day and 26 candidates were shortlisted out of around 250 – 300. I was one of them.

The interview was scheduled for the next day of the written round. The interview started at 10 A.M and lasted for about an hour. The platform used was Zoom.

  • First, the interviewer introduced himself, and then I was asked to do the same. Then he asked me to set up the IDE and gave the first question where there were 2 arrays of strings and we had to return the index of that string from array 1 which is an anagram of the strings in array 2. I solved the question quickly.
  • He then asked me about the time complexity of the problem and asked if it could be optimized any further using some data structure.
  • Then he asked me about Trie DS. I said that I was still in a learning process and knew very little about Trie. He said “Ok, it’s not an issue ” and gave the next question as follows:
  • We are given an array of strings, where we have to return groups of all strings which consisted of the same alphabets. I shared the screen and solved it quickly. After that still, 20-25 minutes were left so he gave another question as follows:
  • We are given an array of passwords, and we have to create a new password such that the no. of occurrences of any alphabet in all the passwords doesn’t match with our new password. I solved this question as well and the interviewer seemed to be quite satisfied with the approaches.
  • No questions related to core CS were asked.
  • He then asked me if I had any questions for him, I asked two questions to him and he replied very nicely. The interview ended and within an hour I got the mail that I was shortlisted for the HR round and the round was scheduled just 15 minutes after I got the mail.


  • The interview again started with the interviewer’s introduction followed by mine. In the introduction, I also mentioned the teams and clubs of our college which I was an of, and he appreciated that I had so many things to do.
  • We then had a good discussion about my MERN stack project and he asked thoroughly about the implementation and functionalities of the project. Since my project was deployed, I shared my screen and showed him working.
  • He also asked several behavioral questions based on this project itself like “How do you come to know whether this project serves its purpose or not”.
  • He also asked about the tech stacks I had worked with and whether I choose e to be a frontend, backend, or full stack developer.
  • He also asked various situational questions like ” Tell me about sometime when you had to compromise your choices while working in a team”, ” Tell me when you misjudged somebody”, etc. I answered all the questions honestly as I had been in several teams and clubs and had actual things told to the interviewer.
  • The round ended with interviewing me for questions I want to ask.
  • I asked him about Atlassian’s Values and he shared his screen and explained everything very nicely. The interview ended in about 40 minutes.

On the very same day, the results were declared and I was fortunate enough to get selected for the role of software engineer summer intern.


  • Work Hard continuously and try to have a good hold in problem-solving, participate in contests to develop your skills to solve a problem within a limited time, and refer to various articles so that you have a good idea about time complexity analysis.
  • During the interview tries to be interactive and speak out aloud your ideas while solving the problem so that the interviewer gets to know the way you think and how you approach a problem. Also, clarify your genuine doubts about the question rather than assuming things.
  • Atlassian is known for giving importance to its values, so go through their values and in the HR Round try to be honest.
  • Make a good CV where you should mention your coding skills and your rating and stars, but during the introduction refrain from telling about your ratings, stars, no of questions solved, etc, as the interviewer is there to test your skills thoroughly, so just mention that you solve problems in various platforms like geeks for geeks, leetcode, etc.

Thanks to GeeksforGeeks for providing such a wonderful platform, hope this article helps!

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