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Amazon Interview Experience for AWS Cloud Support Associates (July-2022)

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 21 Jul, 2022
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Hello Everyone, I’m happy to get selected for the AWS Cloud Support Associate role for the Bangalore location. I got this offer via hackathon. They provide a task “Write a python script using lambda function to download and upload any HTML based files using HTTP GET & POST method. After this, I got selected for the interview round almost out of 200 nine got interview calls.

During the interview, they asked various questions based on Networking & Operating system followed by one DSA basic coding question.

Interview-I(Operating system + Coding):

  • What is booting and explain are steps in detail (Linux/Windows).
  • What is virtual memory & do why we need this in OS. Explain with real-life examples.
  • What is paging? Demand paging & Swapping.
  • Tell me about the Deadlocks prevention technique & Banker’s algorithm.
  • What are fork and system calls?
  • If you are facing any issue with an internal server error, How you will troubleshoot?
  • Linux Command for CPU memories and process troubleshooting with command.
  • What are the “top command in Linux and the “star command.
  • Print 2nd maximum number in the array. Explain logic & write code(any language).
  • Feedback by the interviewer.


  • What are public and private IPs and why do we need them?
  • Explain DHCP in detail with the DORA process.
  • What are VPNs we can connect to any private server using a VPN?
  • If we type what would be the process behind it ex detail details.
  • Difference between TCP/UDP.
  • Explain in OSI model in detail. What is recursive call in OSI?
  • Firewall and its usages.
  • How you will fix the SSH server not responding from the user’s side with a Linux command.
  • Use of Traceroute & Nslookup command.
  • 3-way handshake in detail.

Managerial Round(Amazon 16-Leadership principal-based questions):

  • Tell me how you handled your non-supportive team members in your team.
  • Tell me about a time when you spent a lot of time solving a problem.
  • Tell me about a time when you failed a deadline.
  • Detailed discussion about Projects.
  • Tell me about a time when you didn’t get the solution even after putting in the effort.

HR-Round(on call):

Basic details about you and your previous work experience. After all these, I got selected for the AWS-CSA role.

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