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Airtel Xlabs Interview Experience

Last Updated : 01 Dec, 2018
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Round 1:

The first round comprised of 22MCQ questions including aptitude, logical,  Java output questions and technical portions and 2 Coding Questions (Test Duration: 1:30 hour)

1 of the 2 Coding Question was basically simple and other one was tricky it included manipulation of string and vectors

Round 2:

1) Questions from project. My project was on REST, so he asked various typical questions on REST(Why, How etc). He later asked me to design a REST API for a part of my project.

2) He asked me to design Uber Cab service. He gave me an instant that there are 5 lakh drivers and they all are sending a request to the server & database at a particular time. He asked how can you manage these requests efficiently. I gave answers by using the concepts of Load Balancer, Sharding, Master Slave etc. and he was pretty much happy to listen the concepts.

3) He asked me to write code from front end to back end of a particular request from any driver(say sending the information of his current location) of above designed uber using technologies like javascript, ajax, JSON, jquery, servlet, Mysql etc. I wrote 2 page code and he was satisfied.

4) Later he gave me an instant of above designed uber where sorting was the answer. So i gave him an answer using Comparator of java and wrote code for the same.

5) Discussions on MVC architecture. He said suppose you click on any browser what happens if you use MVC architecture behind and what happens if you haven’t used MVC. We had good discussion over use of Controller in MVC.

Tips :- Explain using more diagrams.(I used 4-5 total pages in this interview)

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