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ADSP stands for AppleTalk Data Stream Protocol which is a Session layer protocol used to set up a session for exchanging data between various networking devices. It also provides the functionality of flow-control at the Transport layer. It guarantees sequential data delivery with flow control. Features :
  • It provides a symmetric, connection-oriented, and full-duplex communication between two sockets on the AppleTalk network.
  • ADSP provides a strong interface to its clients, where clients have the permission to open connection, send data, receive data, and finally close connection using the remote end.
  • It provides an attention message mechanism for the clients for their internal control.
  • It provides a forward-reset mechanism which permits the clients to perform abort the delivery of outstanding bytes of data to the remote client.
  • It also consists of a built-in flow control feature that guarantees that the data is sent by the application only if its remote partner has buffer capacity to accept the data.
  • The data can be transmitted as a continuous stream or logically broken down into messages by the client.
  • The connection could be rejected by this protocol.
Advantages :
  • It includes both session and transport services.
  • The half-open connections do not exist in ADSP i.e. it is full-duplex protocol.
  • Sequential data delivery is guaranteed i.e. it is a reliable protocol.
  • Duplicate data is not transmitted.
  • It uses the Connection Control Block (CCB) to set up control information for synchronized communication among sockets and for error checking.
Disadvantages :
  • It does not include authentication and encryption features.
  • It does not support Transport Service Data Units (TSDUs) by default.

Last Updated : 27 Jul, 2020
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