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7 Things You Should Always Do On a Monday

Last Updated : 22 Sep, 2023
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Monday alarms are perhaps one of the most hated sounds in the world. It is the sound that forces most of us to spring out of our comfy mattresses and start preparing for the day. Just 48 hours ago, we were enjoying ecstatic weekends, but now we’re probably complaining that today is a Monday.

Psychologists believe it to be an emotional shift, as no day of the week pivots our routine as Monday does. The pleasure of a relaxing Sunday enjoyed with the family or companions is instantly switched to getting up ahead of schedule, getting dressed, and going to work. That immediate shift causes Monday to seem like the most awful day of the week, regardless of whether it’s similar to other working days of the week. 

In any case, what you do on Monday builds the vibe for the remaining week ahead, so we have some effective tips for you to start your Monday and subsequently week with zeal and enthusiasm. Every individual out there must know how to start a Monday morning.

We understand how tumultuous your schedule can get from the time you open your eyes on a Monday morning. Hence, following these Monday tips can help you make your week as seamless as possible.

1. Sleep Early To Wake Up Early

Sleeping and waking up at the right times have an abundance of golden benefits. Many studies have validated that the sleep quality of early birds is significantly better than that of night owls as they have a higher probability of completing all phases of the necessary sleep cycles. They get up with more energy than night owls, who generally don’t get the required time to complete all the sleep phases. 

Completing all sleep phases improves both physical and mental health. Essential hormones that repair and regenerate tissues are released in the deeper phases of sleep. When you rise early, you are rewarded with a lively mood that leads to an energetic, relaxed, anxiety-free, and punctual attitude. You experience that your life is getting back on track, which makes you feel happier. What’s a better way to start a Monday morning than this?

2. Plan For the Day

This could seem like an overstressed tip, but at the same time, it’s one of the most beneficial. Just imagine what would happen if you didn’t have a to-do list. All your work will be disorganized and you’ll have to juggle a lot of things manually. Assuming that you make a daily list for the week ahead, you can prioritize the work on the basis of importance and urgency. This will make it effortless for you to understand and undertake tasks that you’re assigned without hassle. It will help with keeping you coordinated and organized. Also, nothing is more fulfilling than deciding and completing a predefined task. Once you get into the habit of planning for the week, you’re going to have a hard time keeping your tasks unfinished.

3. Listen To Your Favourite Music

Music is not only a mental healer, but it is also a mood-uplifting tool. Listening to your favorite music for only a few minutes in the morning can augment your mood very quickly. Many listen to music as an aid to enhance their focus and mood. Music makes you more motivated, productive, and happy, which translates further into various benefits. 

The calm and soothing music decreases your pulse rate, lowers your blood pressure, and reduces the level of stress hormones your body produces. Because there’s a strong possibility that there might be a connection between the auditory neurons and motor neurons in your brain, audio stimulation from music also increases physical stimulation. You can also opt for music with motivational lyrics to make your Monday morning more inspiring and encouraging.

4. Have a Filling Breakfast

Breakfast is generally known as ‘the most important meal of the day’, and it’s totally justified. As the name says, breakfast breaks overnight fast. It replenishes your glucose reservoir, which boosts your energy levels, and it also provides other nutrients that you require for a healthy lifestyle. Studies show that people who have a regular healthy breakfast have better concentration, attentiveness, and memory than those who skip breakfast. Hard-boiled eggs can be a quick and healthy breakfast option. Apart from being easy and quick, eggs have choline, a nutrient that’s proven to nourish your brain.

5. Clear Your Desk and Filter Out Emails

When you’re about to start work on Monday, it’s truly enticing to sit down and start responding to the emails right away. However, you should devote a couple of moments to making your desk neat and tidy while prioritizing the important emails.

Spending only a couple of minutes cleaning your workspace will definitely help you stay organized for the rest of the week, and you’ll feel a lot better when you can find the campaign checklist you made about ten days ago or the sticky note with instructions that your manager gave you.

6. Plan For Monday Nights

It sounds like it’s more enjoyable to spend a Friday or Saturday night out with your buddies, but we really suggest making fun Monday night plans. By having something to wait for, on a Monday night, it’s very unlikely that you’ll experience the Monday blues. Your favorite locations will be less clustered, and hence you will be able to enjoy yourself more. If you’re not a party person, getting together with companions might be the superlative choice. This is one of the most effective ways to avoid the drudgery of the Monday grind and start the week on a positive note.

7. Remember, There’s a Tuesday

It’s understandable that, amidst all the clutter, it seems like the world will explode if you don’t fulfill all your Monday responsibilities on Monday itself. But when Monday is about to end, you might sometimes realize that these things were not as urgent as they seemed. 
Even the most successful and eminent business veterans can face the resistance of Mondays. But if you negotiate for all the distraction and intensity by defining, planning, and taking action without procrastinating, your remaining week is almost guaranteed to go smoothly and seamlessly. 

If you’ve thoroughly gone through the tips above, you’d have come to the conclusion that a Monday morning doesn’t have to be as bad as it is usually perceived to be. Contrary to what most people believe, Mondays can actually be exciting and productive. Share this blog with your closest colleague or friend and help the person begin the week with elation and cheer.

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