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15 Ways To Make Quick Money in One Day

Last Updated : 08 Jan, 2024
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Are you curious to find out new ways to make quick money in one day? Whether you need money urgently or have run out of cash, there are several ways how you can earn money instantly. However, deciding which one is the right way you should go for can be quite overwhelming. From content writing to selling your old stuff, this article explores the 15 best ways you must know when it comes to earning money quickly.

15 Ways to Make Quick Money in One Day

Read below this interesting article to discover 15 easy ways to make quick money in one day.

15 Easy Ways to Make Quick Money in One Day

There are various ways to earn money, many of these ways are known to help you make large amounts of money while others are not going to give you much money, they are still good at giving you a decent amount of money. Some of these ways to earn money are very easy and don’t involve much time and effort.

1. Content Writing

Many people write as a habit so this habit should be used to make some money. There are many platforms on which you can find projects to get work for writing. You can also work with another writer as an assistant. You can write poetry for anyone and sell it to them. You can also ghostwrite someone’s blog and help them grow their content without your name showing on the author’s page.

This is one of the most easy ways to make quick money in one day by working for different clients and agencies, or freelancing.

2. Selling Old Items

We all have some items in our house that are lying in the corner without any use. You can use these items such as an old vase or old painting and can sell them for easy money. By selling the item, you’ll have money in your hand in a day.

3. Room Renting

If you have a house which is quite big, you have easy ways to make money. You can give your extra room for rent. You can get money in a day by asking for money in advance as a security.

4. Babysitting

This is a great opportunity for teenagers ( especially females) to make money. You just need to take care of the child for a few hours and you’ll get your money in a day.

5. Tutoring

This is also another nice way to earn money. You can earn money by teaching others about subjects that you have good knowledge of and can help them score better grades.

There are several platforms available nowadays which makes tutoring one of the best ways to make quick money in one day.

6. Performing Music

If you are a great talented person, you can show your talent and perform music at any event and make money in one day.

7. Renting Out Equipment

You can give out your pieces of equipment such as musical instruments if you’re a musician or other equipment depending on your domain.

8. Doing a Photoshoot

If you’re a photographer, you can organize a photo shoot for the people and charge them for taking their pictures. If you are a good photographer and have a reputation, you’ll surely find a large number of customers.

9. Providing Tech Support

If you are good at things such as coding, you can give your services to other people and can help them in completing their work. Many people want a good developer or a programmer to complete or fix their work. You can provide your services there.

10. Selling Artwork

Art is difficult to master. There are many art enthusiasts and they are also there to find new artists and buy their work. You can sell your art to such clients and use this as one of the easy ways to make money.

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11. Online Surveys

There are many websites on which you can easily earn some money while sharing some information with them. These survey sites work on what you give them so you have to give them accurate information.

Multiple survey platforms are there to directly create your account and provide valuable feedbacks on the products used, and can be considered as one of the most famous ways to make quick money in one day.

12. Participating in Studies

Many academic institutions give you the chance to participate in certain studies such as taking your interview to ask about your eating habits or trying a new product. These studies can work as one of the easy ways to make money.

13. Mechanical Work

If you are well known for mechanical work such as plumbing or fixing a car, you can put out your services online and earn some money. You can let your neighbors know about your skills so that it becomes easier for you to get work.

14. Event Planning

Many events happen almost every day, you just need to find some good events and present your services to them. You can help them in making their event more grand and beautiful and can get paid for this.

15. Selling Old Designer Clothes

If you have designer clothes from big brands and you don’t wear them, you can sell them for good money. Many people want to wear designer clothes but they can’t afford them so you can easily sell them at cheap prices.

Additional Easy Ways to Make Money in a Day

Making Money by Different Works

There are many different easy ways to make money in a day apart from these. Below are some of them:

  • You can also work as a graphics designer if you know how to design and edit images.
  • Other work includes working as a traveling guide and helping others in exploring new places and telling them about them in detail.
  • You can also work as a junior chef in a restaurant if you know some basic dishes to cook.
  • There are other different ways such as working as a driver for someone to drive them somewhere and can also wash their car for money.

Starting a YouTube Channel

Another great option to consider is to open your YouTube channel and share your talent with the world while sitting in your home.

  • Having a YouTube Channel is a long-term commitment that needs proper time to invest.
  • It can give you great returns depending on the work you put out on the site for the world to see.
  • You need to find your topic for your YouTube and if you are unique in your channel, your channel will soon grow.

Make Money in One Day

Making money is not that easy that too in a day. You have to keep your expectations low if you are planning to get money in a day. You should always put up your skills online so that you can easily get the work and get paid for it. It is important to remember that the longer the time, the better you’ll get at earning money.

Your goal should always be to work for the long term. You need to be ready to work any time and should give your full attention to your work. This is the way to achieve true success in your work. The quality of the work is the most important thing that can decide how much you can make while working so you should always work with full concentration.


There are plenty of options when it comes on ways to make quick money in one day. More options are available than mentioned here but these are some of the most easier ones. It only requires talent and hard work to do these ways to make money. You can also make food for someone like some special dish and make them pay you for your special dish.

The opportunities are many, you just need to explore your area. You also need to be more patient with your approach, you will surely earn well if you are focused and talented enough to get a good amount of work.

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15 Easy Ways to Make Quick Money in One Day – FAQs

Q 1. Can we earn good by working for one day?


Working for one single day will not give you much money that you can spend and still save some. But for some work such as coding and helping in fixing bugs in software, you can ask for good money for issues which are not getting solved easily. These are the ways to make money in a day that too, a large amount of money.

Q 2. Is it possible to make money by selling old books?


Yes, money can be made by selling your old books but remember, older books generally don’t give you much money unless it is some special edition. You should try your hand at selling other items such as antique handicrafts if you have any.

Q 3. Is borrowing money also a method to make money in a day?


It is not, as if you have to pay back the money. It can work as a relief for times when you need the money for some important work and can pay it back but you ultimately have to pay it back.

Q 4. Is trading in shares for a day (intra-day trading) a good way to earn money?


It is a great option but remember, it is filled with huge risks. It is important to study the company in detail before buying any shares. Doing research is always better than losing your money during trading. You can go on the Internet and get information about the company easily.

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