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10 Best Deepfake Apps and Websites You Can Try for Fun

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Deepfake is one of the very few technologies that remains impressive all throughout. Deepfake apps like My Heritage and Lensa AI are some of the very popular apps that have taken by storm. For example, Lensa AI helps to create portraits within minutes. Making it look very authentic. As most of the deepfake apps are used for fun they can help you in many forms. If you are a video creator then you can use all these deep fake apps. It can be problematic if used or misinterpreted wrongly, especially in politics or any other form.

 Best Deepfake Apps and Websites

In this article, we are going to see some of the selected apps & websites which are primarily used for fun and for research purposes. You can use it for study machine learning purposes, image recognition, or other computer vision purposes.

Deepfakes thrives thanks to social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram where it’s fun to try and share content with your friends and followers.

1. Deepswap

Deepswap is an online all-in-one platform for synthetic media creation. It simplifies the process of generating faceswap videos, photos, and GIFs with its user-friendly application.It is an optimal choice for over 150 million users for video manipulation , movie role refacing, gender swaps, face memes creation,etc. It brings great fun and creativity and can create compelling face swap photos within a few seconds. Its target audience are Content creators, Gamers,Influencers, Meme creators and Parents

Key Features-

  • AI Video Generator lets you swap faces in real-time videos
  • Uses High-Quality Algorithms ensuring realistic results
  • AI photo Generator for Real & Anime Portrait Creation
  • Helps create trending memes and GIFs
  • Lets you swap not just one but multiple faces in a single frame
  • Supports various file types for both input and output


Plans start from $9.99/month

2. My Heritage

This is one of the most popular deepfake apps on the market. Users of the app have become accustomed to the “deep nostalgia” feature because it allows them to snap some old photos. Upload the image and click the animation button to use the service. Animated versions of that image are available within a few seconds, with the mouth, eyes, and face moving directly.

Key features –

  • Deep Nostalgia to animate static faces in photos and create amazing, realistic videos.
  • Also, among other jobs, family painting, etc.

Price –

Premium subscription plans start from $149 annually.

3. Face Swap Live

This is one of the best face swap apps in the market. Videos can be recorded, stickers can be used, photos can be taken, and posts can be made directly to social media. Face morphs and 3D effects are among the features included in the application. Its greatest advantage is that it is not static and some parts of the face can be moved. Despite its awesome features, the app is a paid download.

Key features –

  • Changes face on screen during chat or phone call.
  • 3D effects and masked interactive face morphs are also available.
  • Users need to pay to use the app.

Price –

Free version available.

4. DeepFakes Web

This website enables users to publish deep-fake videos online. Deep Face Web utilizes deep learning to learn several face faults by training and learning from videos and photos. The training model requires 30 minutes to switch faces. While the premium version renders the same film in just one hour, the free version takes almost five hours.

Key features –

  • It is a deepfake video production site.
  • Free tiers take 4 hours to review the video and 30 minutes to create the video.
  • The Premium tier users can learn and create videos within an hour.

Price –

Premium plans start from $19/ month.

5. Wombo

Another app that benefits from the popularity of Instagram is Wombo. There are many songs available for lip-syncing. The magic starts when you take a snapshot of someone and select a song from the Wombo app’s selection.

 Key features –

  • Use the app to lip-sync the image to a song.
  • In this manner, you can stop it if you accidentally make a loud noise.

 Price –

Plans start from $9.99/ month.

 6. Deep Face lab

Deep-face movies may be made with this Windows program. Even if it functions like other applications and websites, it is still primarily meant for research reasons and is therefore a useful tool. Such activities cannot be completed on a computer without a powerful GPU, thus users must attend tutorials and study the software’s documentation in order to become familiar with its features. It may be utilized for study by computer vision specialists.

Key features –

  • Is advanced software that requires a high-end computer to run the software smoothly.
  • Useful for researchers to understand deepfake in a better way.

 Price –

Free version available.

 7. Zao

The newest Chinese deepfake app, Zao, can produce in-depth material in a matter of minutes. It includes clips from popular Hollywood films and online series in addition to sequences from Chinese TV shows. The software will create a well-edited deepfake video that seems real and beyond recognition when you select a scene from this collection and take a selfie. In much of China, it has become very popular.

Key features –

  • Replace actors’ faces from movie clips with your face.
  • Created deepfakes that look real and indistinguishable.

Price –

 8. Reface

A duplicate application is what it was once known as refacing. Your face is added to or taken off of the GIF using the app. Take a selfie, then select a GIF from the options. It relies on the symmetry of the faces and the GIF being used, albeit it doesn’t always produce the ideal overlay. The renaming was started since the app’s backend uses Reface AI, a Generative Adversarial Network (GAN).

Key features –

  • Superimpose your face on any GIF.
  • Not so accurate.

 Price –

Plans start from $6.99/ week.

9. Jiggy

This is another personalized GIF creation deepfake app similar to Reface. Just click on your own photo and choose a GIF from the app library. Your customized personal GIF will be ready in seconds of time along with the animations. It will be fun to share these GIFs with your near and dear friends and foes. The app is free to use as of now and is available in the Android and iOS stores.

Key features –

  • Creates humorous GIFs.
  • Requires fewer modifications
  • Create photographs into animated movies

Price –

Free version available.

10. Deep Art

It does not use powerful artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms as of the previous apps and sites, but it can create artistic images by modifying any given image. The algorithms used in the app are said to be algorithms that are inspired by the human brain, using stylistic elements from popular art to create artwork. The AI behind Deep Art has been trained with the artworks of artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Picasso, Vincent van Gogh, and many more.

Key features –

  • Convert your pictures into high-quality artistic depictions.
  • It has been inspired by the human brain and stylistic elements of popular artworks.

Price –

Plans start from $9.90/month.


Deepfake apps can be used in making movies, content, and other kinds of stuff. People started taking advantage of technology as it expanded. Deep technology works in the same way. Deepfaking is an experimented job that requires many re-evaluations as many apps have issues.

Deepfake is misused most of the time. People use deepfakes to manipulate them, create fake content, and humiliate individuals which seems unethical. The vast majority of deepfakes are impersonation videos of people they do not know. False impressions can result in unemployment. 

It is possible to create fake videos showing people engaging in antisocial and violent behavior. 

Media trust is being reduced through such instances. It will not be wrong to say that AI systems might go through legislation rules and regulations. Also through these rules, harmful content would be removed soon from the web. Responsibility should always be on our side.

If you have better suggestions about the products/services/tools/brands listed above or feel like something missing, please Contact Us and share your suggestions.

Last Updated : 05 Nov, 2023
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