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10 Ways to Use Todoist for Task Management

Last Updated : 17 Apr, 2024
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Todoist is being used by people so much recently that it helps them to save their time as well as get their tasks done. It is a productivity application that enables many features to the people for task management and completion.

It is simple and easy to use with a user-friendly interface, also it has a lot of customizable features that are available for free. We can do nearly any task using this application which makes it more appealing and addictive to use. There are many ways one can use Todoist for task management and this article discusses the same.

10 Ways to Use Todoist for Task Management

As discussed, Todoist being a multitasking application can be used in many ways. Here are 10 Ways to Use Todoist for Task Management:

1. Access Anywhere and Anytime

Before knowing the ways to use Todoist for Task management you should know how to access it. The most loved and useful thing that Todoist offers is that it can be accessed anywhere. You can add your tasks using Todoist in PC clients with the Ctrl+A key, sync your devices and manage your account on mobile phones as well as iPads, and add tasks using email.

Todoist Access

Todoist is also integrated with Gmail, so we can also use Gmail accounts to add tasks. We can access it through web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera etc. as well. It is easy to sync in your devices and customize your account as it requires rarely any second.

2. Setting Todoist Projects

There are many ways to use Todoist for Task management, but the most preferable is to make only two levels. Todoist is one of the easiest productivity applications you can use but as you start adding more and more levels and subtasks to your tasks, it becomes complex for users sometimes as well.

Setting Todoist Projects

For setting or scheduling your projects in Todoist, try adding at most only 2-3 subtasks or levels. Further for grouping your tasks concerning time, you can make different folders and arrange the tasks in them. Different folders like Work, Home, Personal Care, etc.

3. Reviewing the Tasks list every day

Another way to use Todoist for Task management is to review it every day. Todoist sends many useful notifications to remind you of the tasks that you are supposed to do.

Tasks Review

One should review the tasks regularly and check if any of them are missed out. Reviewing your tasks not only reminds you of your tasks but also you can reprioritize your tasks, move things around or edit the tasks as per your current requirement. Being an ultimate reminder application this application is appreciated a lot.

4. Adding Flags 

Task prioritizing is one of the difficult things to do. You can make the schedules or routines according to your requirements, and manage your time as well accordingly but may not be able to prioritize tasks efficiently. But this problem can also be easily solved by Todoist as it provides another feature for adding Flags to our tasks.

Another way to use Todoist for Task management is to add flags to it. It has red, orange and yellow flags on the top of the lists that you can use, even we can change the colour and the desired flag colours. Using flags can be helpful as it sorts the tasks as most important, important and simple. We can also change the orders by drag and drop method.

5. Todoist Labels

Another way to use Todoist for Task management is to set the Context and Time required using Todoist Labels. Labels are another most appropriate feature that Todoist provides as we can add or remove labels as we need. One should reduce their tasks and increase their time properly in those tasks, so they can be properly done. It also offers customizable label colours with time frames of 5 to 60 minutes.

These labels let us work on our task efficiency and time management as well. We can also get to know about the desired time that we may take for a particular task which eventually pushes us to be more disciplined and compassionate about our work. As you manage your time, you can also identify some time gaps that you may waste in your day and use them for another small task instead.

6. Recurrence Features for Managing Habits 

Another way to use Todoist for Task management is to set up Habit tasks in Todoist. Todoist offers Recurrence features which are easy to set up and even these features have proved to be the best for setting any habit. If you want the alarms or reminders every day to make the tasks your habits you can just simply type the information in the data field.

We can even add entries like ‘4th week of every month’ or ‘This Wednesday’, Todoist and also recognize and work on these instructions that you provide to it. Adding labels can make it easy for the users to see them at a glance. It is really easy and worth it to set Habit tasks by adding labels.

7. Using keyboard shortcuts 

The 7th tip to use Todoist for Task management is to add keyboard shortcuts. We can not only add shortcuts for tasks but also other features like Reminders, labels, flags etc. To bring the quick add window for the tasks you can simply press on ‘q’. If you want to add new tasks press ‘Shift + A’ and if you want to add your tasks to the bottom of your to-do list, click on ‘a’.

There are many various other shortcuts that it offers which are available in the guide for the application. Shortcuts make it more comfortable for the users to add the tasks and work on the tasks additionally.

8. Email Inbox

As discussed, there are many ways to use Todoist for Task management, one such way is to access it via email. Today, we get a lot of emails in our inbox, many of which are not even in use. It is tough to take out time of our daily lives and sort these emails. So, Todoist helps us in this work as well, it helps to keep our email inbox clean by clearing all the unwanted and spam mail from our inbox and organizing it as we require it to be.

We can also integrate it with other email applications and manage our emails there as well. It also automatically adds tasks for responding to emails in our schedule so that we can respond to the important emails in our inbox.

9. Usage of Templates

If you are using Todoist for making blogs, videos or other posts and Podcasts, you may require the same layout every time you work. One of the useful ways to use Todoist for Task management is to add Templates.


We can make our templates and even make templates from other documents as we require and use them whenever we wish to use them. Todoist has a lot of inbuilt templates as well for the users; those are easily customizable. This allows the audience to quickly add their tasks rather than sitting and writing one by one word every time you make a new project.

10. Using Zapier or IFTTT for creating tasks

One of the best ways to use Todoist for Task management is by linking it with 3rd party applications. Todoist can integrate and work with more than 50 other 3rd party applications. It works with the services like IFTTT and Zapier which allows linking other applications with Todoist.

Linking other applications may sound like a complex process but in real life, it is really helpful as we can easily create our to-do lists based on some common rules that we set all by ourselves. Once you start with integrations almost everything happens itself saving your time as well.


We have many ways to use Todoist for Task management, it just doesn’t have a simple and easy-to-use interface but instead, it has proven to be the most useful productivity application that helps to track, manage, create and edit our tasks. No matter where we are and which device we are using to be productive, we can access this application on any device by syncing our accounts and having a good internet connection as well.

It keeps our tasks organized without making it a burden for us to edit them. If anyone wants to start their productivity journey they should rely on Todoist.

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FAQs – How to Use Todoist for Task Management

How do you use Todoist effectively?

We can use Todoist effectively by creating a well organized and simple to do lists, keeping track of it and staying consistent with our schedule.

How do I organize tasks in Todoist? 

Firstly go to view or in any project, tap the three dots that are present in the top right corner. Now, tap View and from the options click on organize.

Can I use Todoist for Task management?

Yes, Todoist is one of the best Task management apps that has many useful features, moreover we can access it over Web, Mac and Windows as well.

What is Todoist best for?

Todoist is best for task management, scheduling tasks, managing your social media tasks and much more.

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