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TCS Codevita 2019 Interview Experience

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 12 Jan, 2022

Round 1: Codevita is a six hour coding competition.I solved 2 out of 6 problems.After 10 days i recieved a mail from TCS stating that i need to attend for interview in few days.

Round 2:It is a Technical interview.I had to wait for very long time.I waited for 4 hrs then i called for interview.

Interviewer:Asked my resume, you are sravan right?

me:Yes sir.

Interviewer:I/p:  asked me to write a program for sorting of ‘n’ numbers.


Interviewer:Can you write a program for fibonacci sequence?

me:Yes sir, wrote.

Interviewer: What data structures do you know?

me: Arrays, stacks, queues, linked list.

Interviewer:Don’t you know anything about trees?

me:yeah sir, i know but i am not confident enough on trees.

Interviewer:Explain Binary tree?

me:Binary tree is a non-liner data structure in which every node has maximum of only two child nodes.First node is called root node.Nodes at the end are called leaf nodes.

Interviewer:Explain about queues?

me:Queue is a linear data structure which works on the mechanism of first in first out.

Interviewer:What is destructor ?

me:Destructor deallocates the memory allocated by the constructor.

Interviewer:Explain double linked list?

me:double linked list is a linear data structure , it contains three fields data field,previous field,next field,previous field contains address of previous node where as next field contains address of successive node.

Interviewer:what is garbage collector?

me:Garbage collector deallocates memory that is allocated to objects which are not in use. Garbage collector helps to free memory allocated to object without using free method.

Interviewer:what is abstract method?

me:It is a special method that does not have body.

Interviewer:what is interface?

me:Interface is a class that contains only abstract methods.

Interviewer:what is the difference between interface and abstract class?

me:Interface contains only abstract methods where as abstract class contains abstract methods as well as concrete methods

Interviewer: Difference between Array and Array list.

me:Answered with hesitation. Didn’t answer it correctly.

Interviewer: Asked about my project.

me:I didn’t do any project but i said that i am working on a project.I am working to build an app for our college.I explained my idea.

Interviewer:Asked my career objective?


Interviewer:What do you know about TCS?


Interviewer:Okay Mr. Sravan wait outside for sometime.

me:okay sir, Thank you.

Round 3:HR round

Asked basic questions like

1)Tell me about yourself

2)what are your hobbies?

3)Asked about my workshop experience

4)Asked about difference between artificial intelligence and machine learning

5)Asked about TCS agreement policy

so this interviews mainly focus on basics.If you are good at basics then you can easily crack Technical interview.Confidence is the key to pass interview.Answer confidently.Their main focus is on how you answer rather than what you answer.

Interview Result: Didn’t declare.

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