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Significance of Database Design

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A database refers to the collection of data (files and records) which is stored and can be manipulated using a software named Database Management Systems. In the previous days where no technical developments took place, data was stored in form of files. Due to its drawbacks of storage and manipulation, files were replaced by DBMS. Its accuracy of extracting data from queries was better than files. The transaction system worked better in the software. Due to its large storage space, it was chosen over files. Consider a instance, to construct a building, we need a blueprint which makes the work simpler and easier. Likewise, a database needs a blueprint to store the data in a proper sorted way. A database design is a blueprint or a design to store and manipulate the data. The database design is implemented using DBMS. It is important to have a good database design. The reasons are:
  • Without a good database design, the database is likely to be unsatisfactory.
  • A good database design must be implemented in such ways that the queries are written in a simple and easier manner.
  • A good database design doesn’t have data redundancies (data redundancy refers to duplication of data.).
  • The accuracy must be good enough after the implementation of good database design.
Significance of Database Design:
  1. Consistency – Consistency refers to uniformity. A database design helps data to be stored which is relevant and required. It is one important feature in database design.
  2. Cascading – Consider a parent and a child record. The data present in child record is allowed if and only if the data is present in parent record. This prevent data repetition.
  3. Redundancy – It is duplication or repetition of data. It makes the database more complex and takes up the storage unnecessarily. The solution to data redundancy is normalization. It also reduces the size of database.
  4. Queries – A database design is said to be good, if its queries are simple and execution is faster.
  5. Performance – The database design is credited if the database design is good enough.
  6. Maintenance – The most important feature of a good database design. If it is a well designed database, it can be maintained well otherwise it might lead to many problems.

Last Updated : 02 Dec, 2022
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