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Sahaj Software Solutions Interview Experience

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 19 Dec, 2018
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The company does technology advisory, product design and custom development.

First round :

Type : Online Aptitude questions

Questions : 40, Time : 40 minutes

Topics :

  1. C, C++ and java aptitude
  2. Networks
  3. Operating systems

Second round :

Type : Coding round

Question : 1, Time : 45 minutes.

Third round :

Type : Technical interview

Time : 1:30 hours

  1. Self Introduction + project explanation
  2. Why C and C++ are operating system dependent? What makes it so?
  3. Why Java is OS independent?
  4. Explain the architecture and functions of JVM.
  5. What is the difference between JVM, JRE and JDK.
  6. What is dangling pointers?
    I said, I don’t know. Then they asked, “what is pointers?”, “what is the use of having double, triple and quadruple pointers?”
  7. Why doesn’t java provide multiple inheritance?
  8. What will be the conflict occur if we use multiple inheritance in c++ and how to overcome it?
  9. Data structures
  10. Real time applications for sorting algorithm.
  11. Time complexity for different sorting algorithm.
  12. What are the constraints to select a sorting algorithm?
  13. When to use Quick sort? When to use Merge sort?
  14. You are given with a binary tree and sum X. you need to find whether the sum of any two nodes is X. Expected time complexity : less than O(n^2).
  15. How to implement search engines? That is if we try to type a word, it will provide suggestion by auto completion on words. So how to implement this?
    Ans : Trie
  16. Then they asked me to explain the basic working of a trie.
  17. OOP :
  18. The interviewer had his water and put the water bottle infront of me and asked how would you represent this water bottle in OOP?
  19. What is Association, aggregation, composition and generalization?

I explained them with small java code example. Then he expected me to explain them with real time application.

Operating system :

  1. Scheduling
  2. Threading
  3. Multi-threading
  4. Synchronization and concurrency problem
  5. How to overcome the synchronization problem?
    I said that it could be solved using semaphore or Monitor. Then he told me to explain them.
  6. What is deadlock?
  7. What are necessary conditions for deadlock?

Fourth round :

Type : HR

Time : 1 hour

  1. First it was about personal details
  2. Then why did you choose information technology?
  3. Which complex problem did you solve recently and satisfied with the solution? What makes so? I said Sudoku,
  4. He asked “how did you solve?” I said “I used backtracking”
  5. Then he said “consider us an uneducated old men, how will you explain backtracking and dynamic programming to us?”
  6. How will you find the nearby restaurants if you are given with a latitude and longitude? The discussion on this question was gone more than 15 minutes. He wasn’t satisfied with my answer. I didn’t know seriously how to answer this question.
  7. Which algorithm is used in the cricket LBW decision? (checking whether the ball hits the stump or not).

And some basic questions like asking my nick name, etc.

Final discussion :
They made total fun with me in this round by asking “what is your aadhar number?”, “what is my name?, how could you forget my name, I have been spent more than one hour today? “ etc.

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