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PHP | ftp_chdir() function
  • Last Updated : 20 May, 2019

The ftp_chdir() function is an inbuilt function in PHP which is used to change the current directory on the FTP server.


ftp_chdir( $ftp_connection, $directory )

Parameter: This function accepts two parameters as mentioned above and described below:

  • $ftp_connection: It is required parameter. It specifies the already existing FTP connection to use for execution of FTP commands or functions.
  • $directory: It is required parameter. It specifies the path in remote server to which current directory to be changed.

Return Value: It returns True on success or False on failure.


  • This function is available for PHP 4.0.0 and newer version.
  • The following examples cannot be run on online IDE. So try to run in some PHP hosting server or localhost with a proper ftp server name, user and password.
  • Make sure you have permission to change directory and access to the directory.


// Connect to FTP server
// Use a correct ftp server
$ftp_server = "localhost";
// Use correct ftp username
// Use correct ftp password corresponding
// to the ftp username
// Establishing ftp connection 
$ftp_connection = ftp_connect($ftp_server
        or die("Could not connect to $ftp_server");
if($ftp_connection) {
    echo "successfully connected to the ftp server!";
    // Logging in to established connection with
    // ftp username password
    $login = ftp_login($ftp_connection, $ftp_username, $ftp_userpass);
    if($login) {
        // Checking whether logged in successfully or not
        echo "<br>logged in successfully!";
        // ftp_chdir() changing current directory to "htdocs"
        // remember, you must have folder that will use inside
        // current directory of ftp server. 
        // Here htdocs folder exists in ftp server inside
        // base or root directory
        if (ftp_chdir($ftp_connection, "htdocs")) {
            echo "<br>Current directory successfully changed to htdocs.";
        else {
            echo "<br>Error while changing current directory.";
    else {
        echo "<br>login failed!";
    // Closeing  connection
    if(ftp_close($ftp_connection)) {
        echo "<br>Connection closed Successfully!";


successfully connected to the ftp server!
logged in successfully!
Current directory successfully changed to htdocs.
Connection closed Successfully!


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