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Israel Products List in India – Updated List

Last Updated : 21 Feb, 2024
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Israel and India have a very strong partnership in terms of trade. There are a number of products that are exported and imported between India and Israel.

Israeli products are available worldwide and are used by many people across the world. The quality of the products is of good quality. Israeli business has been spread across the world since ancient times. It is still considered one of the best traders around the world because of its good quality products.

The following article covers the Israeli products available in India, export and import between India and Israel, Israeli product checker, Israeli products across the world, top Israeli brands and companies and their importance.

Israel Products in India

India and Israel have developed diplomatic ties that go beyond politics as it includes trade, investments, and industry-wide cooperation. The dynamic partnership between Israel and India is explained in this article. It also highlights commerce, investments, and future areas of cooperation.

Israel offers a wide range of items in India, from state-of-the-art defence, cybersecurity equipment and agricultural technologies. These goods demonstrate the strength of Israeli technological knowledge which helps to improve a number of Indian industries.

Israel is known for its holy sites and economic prosperity. Israel is significant both historically and culturally because of its iconic locations, which include the Western Wall, the Dome of the Rock, and the Al Aqsa Mosque. The international recognition of Israel is further well-known due to Israeli companies such as Strauss, Keter, Tivall, Osem, Eden Spring, and SodaStream.

Understanding the India-Israel Trade Dynamics

International trade is essential to the economic growth and development of nations in the modern world. India and Israel shares a beneficial and growing business partnership. This article explores the complex network of economic links that have grown between these two countries It also emphasizes the goods that are traded and the advantages that both the nations have through this partnership.

India’s Exports to Israel

India exports a number of goods to Israel. This bond of export is not new but have been here since ages.

  • Jewelry: India exports a good number of jewelry, pearls and precious stones to Israel’s jewel market.
  • Minerals: A good amount of chemical and minerals are exported to Israeli by India.
  • Electrical Components: Electrical components are highly asked in Israel, which is exported by India.
  • Textiles: Textiles from India is exported to the Israeli market.
  • Plastics: The Indian plastic manufacturing units exports a lot of plastic items to Israel.

India’s Imports from Israel

  • Modern machinery and electrical equipment are essential to India’s industrial development, and Israel is a major supplier of these items.
  • Israel is a well-known provider of base metals, which are essential for a number of Indian industries.
  • India purchases vital defense-related equipment from Israel to strengthen its security in a time when defense readiness is paramount.
  • Israel is an essential component of this supply chain, and the machinery and transport equipment industry is critical to India’s infrastructural development.
  • Israel provides India with chemical and mineral products that meet a range of industrial requirements and promote growth across several industries.

List of Israel Products

  • Max Fichtman and Oded Brenner, two Israeli partners, founded the well-known chocolate company Max Brenner. Even though the company’s headquarters are in New York, it was founded 25 years ago in Ra’anana, Israel. Max Brenner has grown to over 50 sites worldwide over the years, having a major presence in Australia.
  • Laline, a manufacturer of lifestyle products and cosmetics, began as a tiny boutique in Tel-Aviv and has since expanded to operate over 100 locations across the country and distribute its goods internationally.
  • “Sabon” is the Hebrew word for soap. These goods are still sold in Israel under the “Sabon Shel Pa’am” brand, which means “soap from the past.” The business has continuously utilized premium natural ingredients from the Dead, such as salt and algae.
  • Beautiful vintage jewelry and home decor products are available at over 65 Michal Negrin jewelry locations nationwide. It began as a tiny booth in Nachlat Binyamin’s handmade market thirty years ago.
  • Jaffa oranges are easily exported to other countries due to their thick peel and lack of seeds. Although they are farmed in other Middle Eastern nations as well, Israel is a major supplier of Jaffa oranges, particularly to the EU.
  • Luxury designer Daniella Lehavi makes handbags, accessories, and leather shoes that are all made with pride in Israel. Daniella has increased her footprint since opening her first studio in 1990, adding sites in the US, Canada, and Korea.

Israel Product Checker

A browser extension called Israeli Product Checker assists consumers in locating Israeli-made goods. The way the extension operates is by looking through product listings on well-known e-commerce sites and indicating which things are made in Israel with a flag icon. After that, users can click on the flag icon to find out more details about the product and the manufacturer. A useful resource for customers who want to boycott goods manufactured in Israel is the Israeli Product Checker.

How to Use the Israel Product Checker

Installing the extension in your browser is all that is required to utilize the Israeli Product Checker. The moment you navigate to an e-commerce website, the plugin will launch instantly. Look for the flag icon next to the product when you see a listing for it.

Benefits of Using the Israel Product Checker

Implementing the Israeli Product Checker has numerous advantages. You can benefit from the extension:

  • Avoid buying Israeli-made goods.
  • Make wise choices when making purchases.
  • Find out more about the goods you purchase.

Is the Israeli Product Checker Safe?

It is safe to use the Israeli Product Checker. The addon doesn’t track your surfing behavior or gather any personal information about you.

Israeli Products & Brands across World

Israeli Products & Brands in World Service or Product Name
Angel Bakeries Commercial bakery
Babylon Software Company
Berman’s Bakery Commercial bakery
Bezeq Telecommunications
CardiacSense Wearable Tech
Castro Fashion Brand
Dan hotels Hotel Chain
Fox Fashion Brand
Haaretz News Media Company
Israir Airline Company
Isrotel Hotel Chains
Fiverr Online Freelancer Social Media Software Development
Max Brenner International Chocolate Brand
Mobileye ADAS Developers
Radwin Wireless broadband Communications
Slingshot Whiskey Brand
Tempo Beer Brewery Company
Mul-T-Lock Smart Lock Company
Uzi Submachine Gun
Yokohama Tyre Company Software Company

Israel Brand List 2023

Drugs, Health, Medicine & Food Products

  • Super-Pharm
  • Teva Pharmaceuticals
  • CardiacSense Ltd
  • Teva Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Food & Dairy Products

  • Time (cigarette)
  • Tiv Ta’am
  • Tnuva
  • Vodka Perfect
  • Wissotzky Tea
  • Angel Bakeries
  • Bamba (Snack)
  • Berman’s Bakery
  • Bissli (Israeli wheat snack)
  • Carmel Agrexco
  • Carmel Winery
  • Cow Chocolate
  • Ein Gedi Mineral Water
  • Galilee Green
  • Klik (Candy)
  • Krembo
  • L’Chaim Vodka
  • Landwer Coffee
  • Lone Tree Brewery
  • MacDavid
  • Max Brenner
  • Mey Eden
  • Neviot (Spring water)
  • Noblesse (cigarette)
  • Osem (company)
  • Rabl (company)
  • Strauss Group
  • Tara (Israel)
  • Tempo Beer Industries

Clothing & Fashion Accessories

  • Gottex (Designer swimwear)
  • Honigman
  • Kenvelo
  • Naot (Shoes, sandals)
  • Source Sandals (Tekking and hiking sandals)
  • Elie Tahari
  • TNT (clothing)
  • Tzomet Sfarim
  • YVEL (Necklaces, Rings, Earrings, Bracelets)
  • Leibish & Co. (Natural fancy color diamonds Fine jewelry)
  • Cassidi
  • Castro
  • Fox (Clothing)

Top Israeli Companies

The first significant product created by Israelis is the online software development company, which is traded on the stock market. In addition, Haaretz is a news media company with billions of readers in Asia and Israel. Additionally, Fiverr is an Israeli startup that enables users to find freelance jobs all around the world. Castro is another brand; it’s a fashion brand with several stores throughout several nations.

A few of the well-known Israeli brands in India are, Fiverr, Yokohama, Haaretz, and Babylon. Millions of Indians use the numerous services and goods offered by these brands in India. The UZI, a well-known Israeli product, is an automatic submachine gun that was the first of its kind to be created in Israel. In addition, a lot of Indians and foreigners drink the well-known whiskey brand Slingshot.

Israel’s Main Import & Export

When it comes to the sale of fresh fruits, particularly citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruits, and tangerines, Israel is a major player. They even mixed up a unique grapefruit-pomelo blend! Israel cultivates more than forty varieties of delicious fruits.

But Israel is interested in more than simply fruits. They import goods from other nations, including machinery, oil, diamonds, and transportation gear.

Israel is extremely intelligent as well. They invest a lot of capital in research and development, which leads to the discovery of innovative, high-tech products. Their expertise lies in producing high-tech defense systems, research instruments, and airplanes.

Economy of Israel

Israel has made progress toward these goals in spite of obstacles including high rates of inflation, boycotts by most Arab countries, a shortage of natural resources, fast population growth, high defense spending, and a small domestic market that limits the benefits of mass production.

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

Even though it still contributes very little in the way of foreign direct investment, Israel has made large investments in India. The economic alliance has benefited from the presence of significant Israeli enterprises in India, including Avgol Nonwovens and Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Limited.

Israel Food Products In India

In the Indian market, the presence of Israeli businesses has greatly improved bilateral commercial relations. Israeli brands such as Alumayer, Plasson, Huliot, Metzerplas, IDE, Netafim, Naa’n Dan Jain, Rivulis, NeoLynk, Ecoppia, and others have left their mark on India.

List of Top Israel Brands in India 

The number of Israeli businesses that have made a name for themselves in the Indian market has strengthened the two nations’ economic relations. These include, among others, Alumayer, Plasson, Huliot, Metzerplas, IDE, Avgol Nonwovens, Rivulis, NeoLynk, Ecoppia, Naa’n Dan Jain, Aqwise, Polemix, Eli Hajaj, and Netafim.

Israel Products List to Boycott

Following is the list of products boycotted in the country.

    • Source Sandals (Tekking and hiking sandals)
    • Elie Tahari
    • TNT (clothing)
    • Tzomet Sfarim
    • YVEL (Necklaces, Rings, Earrings, Bracelets)
    • Leibish & Co. (Natural fancy color diamonds Fine jewelry)
    • Cassidi
    • Castro
    • L’Chaim Vodka
    • Landwer Coffee
    • Lone Tree Brewery
    • MacDavid
    • Max Brenner
    • Mey Eden
    • Neviot (Spring water)
    • Noblesse (cigarette)
    • Osem (company)
    • Rabl (company)
    • Strauss Group
    • Tara (Israel)
    • Tempo Beer Industries
    • Time (cigarette)
    • Teva Pharmaceuticals
    • CardiacSense Ltd
    • Super-Pharm

    List of Israeli Products Brands to Boycott

    S.No Brand Name/Product Reason
    1 Ahava Ahava cosmetics has its production site in an illegal Israeli settlement
    2 HP HP (Hewlett Packard) helps Israel restrict Palestinian movement by providing a biometric ID system
    3 Keter Keter is an Israeli manufacturer and marketer of resin-based household and garden consumer products
    4 Strauss Strauss is an Israeli manufacturer and marketer of consumer foods sold through retail stores
    5 Danone Danone is a French multinational food-products corporation that holds 20% shares of Israel’s Strauss Group food company
    6 Tivall Tivall is a food company in Israel which supplies meat substitute products, including Tivall veggie grilled fillet, veggie burger, corn schnitzel, chick’n cutlets, veggie chick’n nuggets, and vegan corn bites
    7 Osem Osem is one of the largest food manufacturers and distributors with 14 factories in Israel. Its products include coffee, pasta, breakfast cereals, and confectionery
    8 Nestle Nestlé is a Swiss multinational food and drink company that owns 53.8% of the leading Israeli food manufacturer Osem
    9 Coca Cola Coca-Cola is an American multinational corporation. Coca-Cola Israel owns dairy farms in illegal Israeli settlements
    10 Eden Spring Eden Springs Ltd is an Israeli bottled mineral water marketing company that takes water from the Salukia spring in the illegally occupied Syrian Golan Heights
    12 SodaStream SodaStream International Ltd is an Israel-based manufacturing company with a history of mistreatment of and discrimination against Palestinian workers
    13 Starbucks Starbucks is an American multinational chain of coffeehouses. Starbucks has opened outlets in US bases in Afghanistan and Iraq and at the illegal torture center in Guantanamo Bay. Starbucks also sponsors fundraisers for Israel
    14 McDonald’s McDonald’s Corporation is an American multinational fast-food chain. Its products include hamburgers, chicken, french fries, soft drinks, shakes, salads, desserts, hotcakes, coffee, breakfast, and wraps. McDonald’s offers free meals to hospitals and Israeli defense forces
    15 Siemens Siemens is the largest industrial manufacturing company in Europe for buildings and distributed energy systems, and it will link Israel’s electricity grid with Europe
    16 AXA AXA is a French multinational insurance company that invests in Israeli banks
    17 Puma Puma SE is a German multinational corporation that manufactures athletic and casual footwear, apparel, and accessories. Puma sponsors the Israel Football Association
    18 Sabra Sabra Dipping Company is a joint venture that produces food products. Sabra is co-owned by PepsiCo and the Strauss Group, which provides financial support to the Israeli army

    Israel Product Code

    According to a widely shared social media post, Israel changed their barcode from 729 to 871 in response to a boycott of its goods.

    Significance of Israel Brand

    Israel is known across the world as a center for these two fields. The nation has continuously produced ground-breaking discoveries in fields including biotechnology, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and agriculture. Israel is incredibly significant when it comes to its cultural and historical legacy. Israel’s brand holds significant geopolitical weight, owing to its advantageous Middle Eastern location.

    Israel’s economy is strong and resilient in spite of its little size. The stability of the Israeli economy is reflected in its varied range of industries that drive the brand. A crucial component of Israel’s brand is its spirit of entrepreneurship. The nation’s high per capita concentration of startups promotes an innovative and risk-taking culture.

    Products Imported To Israel

    Sr No. Product
    1 Meat of bovine animals, frozen, boneless
    2 Other wheat and meslin
    3 Maize (corn), other than seed
    4 Food preps.,
    5 Meat of bovine animals, fresh/chilled, boneless
    6 Dried vegetables, n.e.s.; mixts. of dried vegetables, whole/cut/sliced/brok
    7 Other barley excl seed
    8 Chocolate & oth. food preps. cont. cocoa
    9 Semi-milled/wholly milled rice, whether or not polished/glazed
    10 Whiskies


    Israel and India shares a strong bond in terms of business. There are a variety of products that ae imported by India and exported to Israel. There are some famous Israeli companies that have a strong base in India. All such important information have been described in this article in depth.

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    Which product is from Israel in India?

    Ans. First up, Max Brenner, a well-known Israeli chocolate manufacturer, is among the most popular Israeli goods in India. In addition, Babylon is an Israeli brand that provides software services both in India and internationally.

    What products come from Israel?

    Ans. Numerous Israeli goods are globally recognized. A few examples of these brands are McDonald’s, Strauss, Keter, Tivall, Osem, Eden Spring, and SodaStream.

    What Israeli food products are used in India?

    Ans. There is a growing demand for Israeli cuisine products as a result of many Indians developing a liking for Israeli dishes like hummus, shawarma, and falafel. Such products are now being imported and distributed around the nation in response to this demand.

    Is Cadbury an Israeli product?

    Ans. Since 2010, Mondelez International (previously Kraft Foods) has been the owner of the British multinational candy manufacturer Cadbury, which was formerly known as Cadbury’s and Cadbury Schweppes. After Mars, it is the second-biggest candy brand globally.

    Is KFC owned by Israel?

    Ans. No, not in that way. As far as I’m aware, KFC operates in Israel and Palestine. There isn’t currently any obvious favoritism, and the KFC owner has never stated any political biases. However, some companies, such as Pizza Hut and PUMA, directly support Israel.

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